Thankful Thursday 10 September 2020

Ah, the Thursday after Labor Day. The unofficial end to the summer, but where we have a few more weeks until Autumn begins. This is when we enter the awkward temperature phase – still hot and humid, then 70s, then hot and humid, yet the leaves start changing and begin to fall. I noticed some colour today, as well as some leaves falling. It’s storming now, and I’m curious to see what the colour will be like this year will look like since we had a dry spring.

On Sunday, 6 September, Mrs. Brown e-mailed me and asked me if I liked oat milk. I never had the brand she was showing me, but I was interested. It was gluten-free and dairy free, which is why she thought of me. She gets freebies and doesn’t really care for oat milk.

On Monday, Mr. Brown dropped it off and I felt verklempt, as well as grateful. I tried it and loved it. I sent Mrs. Brown a few thank you e-mails. I am thankful for my neighbours, especially since they treat me like family.

On Monday, we had brunch with Aunt Kathy, Uncle Dave, Matt, Aunt Peg and Uncle Tom at Nudy’s in Wayne, PA. It was a lovely two hours and I’m grateful for family.

Aunt Kathy asked if I was going to take any travels this fall. I said, “No. I’m going to do it like I did this spring. I had acute bronchitis three times last year.” I will probably just go to museums and hopefully ice skate, but I’m taking it easy this fall. I actually loved quarantine and I will be doing that in the fall. The only thing that is a definite is going into the office one day per week.

I’m also thankful for co-workers from both jobs, and friends. What are you thankful for this week?

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday 10 September 2020”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Thanks for showing us the start of the fall season in your neighborhood. I am counting on friends like you who live up north to post pictures of autumn splendor in the weeks ahead. I don’t see many colored leaves down here unless a palm tree dies and turns brown. 🙂

    I am currently drinking almond milk, but you have me interested in oat milk. If it is not too expensive and lasts a long time in the fridge, then I might make the switch. It was nice of Mrs. Brown to think of you and bring you a carton. It was also nice that you had brunch with your aunts and uncles in Wayne. It’s hard to believe you will soon be bundled up and skating on ice at rinks in your area. I applaud you for taking advantage of the multitude of cultural exhibits and events in your region like those offered at the museums you routinely visit. You are constantly learning and improving yourself. It is wonderful to behold.

    I am thankful that my eyelid exam turned out well yesterday at the dermatologist’s office. They are keeping an “eye” on a small bump on one of my eyelids to make sure it doesn’t grow and that it is not cancerous. The doctor says it has not grown in the last two months and looks benign.

    I wish you a safe and happy weekend, dear friend JM!


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