In Memory of Mac Miller (1992-2018)

The two year anniversary of Mac Miller’s death was on 7 September 2020. Since it’s mental health awareness month and this week is dedicated to suicide prevention, I thought tonight I would pay tribute. While Mac Miller’s death was an overdose, I consider OD’ing a form of suicide and often addiction starts because of pain – both physical and mental. It’s not uncommon for addicts to be suffering a form of mental illness.

I started listening to Mac Miller two months before he died. I have this superstition that every time I start listening to an artist and really get into it, they end up dying. This happened with Dimebag Darrell of Pantera and Damageplan, plus some others over the years. I really liked his earlier sounds, I loved how upbeat they were. However, I could tell that the last two years of his career, he was going through some things because his sound got darker. As much as I love his earlier work, I absolutely love his later work. I feel like I got to know him a bit better through the darker and you could tell he was growing.

I was at the Philadelphia Museum of Art when Caskey (rapper I heard of through Twiztid) and Machine Gun Kelly posted things. My heart broke. 26 is so young and all that talent is gone. I feel for addicts because addiction is painful for everyone. Just like mental illness and suicide. I just wish he reached out for help.

I’m happy that his family is keeping his memory alive and us fans will do the same thing.

Rest easy, Malcolm McCormick a.k.a Mac Miller.

This was the last video he released while he was still alive. It’s eery because it’s almost like he predicted the end.

Trump threatened to sue him after this song was released. You should see the old tweets!

If you ever need to talk, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to someone. Here’s the number for the Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, here is the addiction hotline number for the SAMHSA National Helpline: 1-800-662-4357

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One thought on “In Memory of Mac Miller (1992-2018)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    It is nice of you to remember and pay tribute to the late, great rap artist Mac Miller as we observe mental health awareness month. I enjoyed listening to Mac’s recordings and watching the vids. “I’ve Told Every Little Star,” the 1961 hit by Linda Scott that Mac samples in “Knock Knock,” was also used in an audition scene in the David Lynch mystery movie Mulholland Drive, one of my favorites. I’m all verklempt after watching “Best Day Ever” as a very young Mac recited the lyrics from “Rapper’s Delight,” the breakthrough hit for The Sugar Hill Gang. “Self Care” is a great song, but the video is indeed hard to watch knowing the outcome. I also enjoyed “Donald Trump” and wish all kinds of people could come together and party like the ones depicted in the video. When you’re having fun and raising a little hell, you don’t feel depressed and you no longer feel like hating on other people, especially if those you perceived as enemies join you on the dance floor. Music heals.

    Thanks for remembering this talented young man and for raising awareness for suicide prevention and drug addiction services. Enjoy your Thursday and stay safe at the office, dear friend JM!


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