Afternoon in Philadelphia (12 September 2020)

Yesterday I decided to donate three bags of clothes, books, and stuffed animals to Philly AIDS Thrift. After I walked around the shop, I decided to get my hair cut. Tina was so happy to see me because it had been a while. I’m one of her best customers and she gave me coupons for a cut and colour for the next time I visit. I am thinking of dying my hair next month with a semi-permanent red. 🙂

After, I decided to go to the River Rink. It felt odd not being able to roller skate, but they did have games and amusements. I rode the Ferris wheel with minimum fear! Hopefully these selfies show the different heights I went. I’m terrified of heights and I was brave enough for close selfies.

Meet George!I borrowed George from a nice group of gals and they agreed to take photos. George was a great photo buddy! The photos the gals took turned out lovely too. The new printer finally came, so I’m going to print these two for the Happiness Box!

Yeah, the rink was turned into a beach full of amusements. Socially distant, of course!

Barra Rossa finally reopened after 6 months. I don’t know why I didn’t make reservations when it was announced, but I missed out on dining there on their opening day. Next time. I ended up at Giorgio on Pine and had a delicious GF pizza. Giorgio on Pine is a delicious Italian restaurant whose menu is mostly gluten-free.

I had a lovely afternoon in the city. It felt nice to walk around, especially on a 74 degree day with no humidity.

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One thought on “Afternoon in Philadelphia (12 September 2020)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I admire you for donating items to the Philly AIDS Thrift. I am also happy to know you were able to experience a flashback to the old normal by getting a haircut. I haven’t had one since February! Mrs. Shady has been trimming me. I am proud of you for what you did at River Rink. Knowing your fear of heights, you challenged yourself to a solo ride on the Ferris Wheel and have the selfies to prove it. Think of all the fears you can conquer by meeting them head on like you did at River Rink! It’s interesting how the rink is a sandy beach filled with rides at this time of the year. The ice skating season will soon be here along with the T-giving, Christmas and New Year holidays. I’m glad you found a mostly GF Italian eatery called Giorgio on Pine and got some of their pizza. From where I sit is looks delish. 74 degrees and no humidity sounds delightful. You must have had some of the best weather in the whole country. Be thankful you aren’t out in smoke choked California.

    Thanks for taking me along on your latest adventure, dear friend JM. Have a wonderful week!


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