Thankful Thursday 29 September 2022

Happy Thursday! I can’t believe this is the last Thursday in September, and we’re three months away from the end of 2022. Today is also Aunt Kathy’s birthday and I wished my sweet aunt a happy birthday this morning. She was so grateful.

I was sick for half of this week. I’m grateful that Andrew and David checked in on me. Yesterday, the #1 person on my list and who I had a date with at the beginning of the month, stopped by Terry’s yesterday to spend time with me. I took a sick day and he wanted to make sure I was okay. We also had a cuddle session, which I appreciated. I’m thankful for him. In my heart, I know what I want and this is a time I’m going to follow my heart (and my brain).

I’m feeling better today and for that, I am grateful. I also got my taste back and I’m starting to get my sense of smell back too. Huzzah! It’s crazy what senses we take for granted at times.

My new job with the PD office is going well. I love my new job. My assistant manager, the head of appeals, and I sat down on Tuesday and talked. My assistant manager talked me up, and today I was assigned my first research project. They’re going to get me set up with West Law, so I can better assist the appeals and homicide units. I met the the homicide attorney I’ll be assisting half of the time, and he can’t wait to utilize my typing and research skills as well. I’m really excited and grateful.

I decided to accept T’s challenge and I’m going to be participating in NaNoWriMo this November. I’ll be writing slam poetry. I created the account last night and sent it to T this morning. He’s going to follow and he wished me luck. He said, “YOU GOT THIS!” I’m really grateful for the people I work with. This is truly a fit.

I’m also thankful for friends and family. What are you grateful for today?

Nature Walks and Celebrating Rosh Hashanah with Andrew

On Saturday evening, I went on a date with Andrew. We matched on Facebook dating and he seemed nice. We agreed to go to Wild Rice in King of Prussia and he made sure there were gluten-free options. Andrew and I had a lovely date, but I was too nervous to ask if he minded I take photos for the Happiness Box Project.

I mentioned this on Sunday to Andrew, and when he asked me out on a second date, he said, “take as many photos as you want. It’s a shame we didn’t get photos on Saturday with how amazing we both looked, but especially you. Your Happiness Box Project sounds neat too.”

Andrew picked me up from work yesterday and we went to Harriet Wetherill Park in Plymouth Meeting. It felt great to hold hands, surround ourselves in the early autumn beauty of nature, and just chat. I was able to take some pretty nice photos too.

After, we went to Gangster Vegan; Andrew thought it would be nice to have dessert after our Rosh Hashanah meal.

We got back to Terry’s and I warmed up the brisket I made. Brisket and salad. Andrew enjoyed the meal and it was his first time celebrating Rosh Hashanah.

I’m so glad that he liked the brisket. Andrew even said, “don’t ever worry about your diet with me. I’ll eat gluten free and kosher. I just want to make sure you’re healthy.”

I’m not verklempt, you’re verklempt. I’m very verklempt and grateful. Total Happiness Box moment indeed, and Andrew is happy to be part of it.

Silver Linings

Prompt: So few grains of happiness
measured against all the dark
and still the scales balance.
Jane Hirshfield

What are your few grains of happiness when things don’t go as planned?

Oh, Joy, you really know the questions to ask when my life is in the thick of things. I caught a cold and I went to ask one of my new managers if she had tea. Cathy did and handed me a mint tea bag. Trinae, my assistant manager, asked me how my writing was coming along. I told him it was coming, and I mentioned the Happiness Box Project. He had me pull up a chair and asked me to explain the project to him. I told Trinae that I started it five years ago, when I was trying to heal from a very difficult moment in my life. Every day I write something that either brings me joy or gratitude. Not all days are good, but there is always something to be grateful for. Life always has a silver lining. I open my box on 1/1, count my blessings, scrapbook the previous year while putting notes/photos in the box for the new year.

Both T and C loved that idea. T thought it was cool that I inspired a school in Africa with this project and he thinks I may be able to do some programs with schools or even the library. Heck, maybe I can do something with the public defender’s too. T liked my tenacity for life and that I don’t take the days for granted.

I’m happy that I’m with the Public Defender’s now. This is more of a match for me. I don’t write novels and I don’t participate in NaNoWriMo; the one time I tried to write a novel, I was raped and couldn’t finish the class. T tries, and he challenged me to either work on my memoir or a slam poetry novel during NaNoWriMo. If I have an account, we can follow each other. I have to figure out what my username is. I also mentioned and he loves this site. I wonder if he’s a member. He said it’s been around for a long while, so maybe he was at one point!

These are the small moments that bring joy to my life, even when things don’t go as planned. As the old saying goes, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go a-rye!” Everything will go wrong at some point, but taking gratitude in the little moments that are right, really does go a long way. My Happiness Box taught me that.

Netflix and Bonding

On Friday, David picked me up from work and we came back here, for Netflix and cuddling. We watched Cobra Kai, but it was mostly just catching up. It felt nice to cuddle with him. We added each other on SnapChat and he agreed to a selfie. He hates the Snapchat filters, and he didn’t realize that I snuck in a devil filter selfie. Total Happiness Box moment.

David also noticed my photo with Monoxide and Jamie. He asked me, “where you at their concert at the TLA in 2014? I’m friends with one of bands that opened for them and that concert was awesome.” I told him I was and we reminisced about that show. He likes Twiztid too. We both love death and heavy metal, as well.

David came again on Saturday morning for breakfast and cuddling. He enveloped me into a hug, gave me nose boops and nose kisses. It was nice. I didn’t want him to leave, and he didn’t really want to leave either. He wants to see me again. David also said he doesn’t mind photos of us either. Another Happiness Box moment.

I look forward to seeing where this all goes.

Thankful Thursday 22 September 2022

Happy Fall, y’all! At least to my friends/readers in the Northern Hemisphere. Happy Spring! to my friends/readers in the Southern Hemisphere.

It’s been a busy week. I started a new role within the county – I’m a legal administrator for the public defender’s office now. I started on Monday and I’m grateful for my new co-workers and the help/training I’ve been receiving. I work with a nice bunch now and for that I am grateful. I can also move up and if I get a paralegal certificate, I could go for a paralegal position (the DA didn’t have that). I’m part of the homicide appeals unit. I’m excited.

However, I am grateful for my time at the DA’s Office. I learned a lot and made friends along the way. Last Thursday, the appeals unit brought in gluten-free snacks for me, since they couldn’t make Friday’s luncheon. I was verklempt and grateful.

On Friday, Jess handed me a card from the appeals unit and that made me verklempt as well.

The luncheon was nice too. My friend, the forfeiture ADA, treated me. He, Bill, Jill, Ms. Bev, and Jean all joined me. My friends joined me. So grateful for this send off.

I’m still going on dates with people. Last Thursday I went on a date with someone from high school. He cooked me a nice gluten-free meal. It was a nice first date and I told him the truth – I am dating around and I have my sights set on someone, but still going out to meet other people. This guy has been obsessed with me for 15 years and didn’t listen to a word I said, he tried escalating it this past weekend. He asked me my ring size and talked about making things official. I told him “no” and that there would be no second date. He’s not happy, but oh well. Too pushy and rushy, hasn’t changed since high school.

On Monday I went into Sunoco to pick up a package and I was curious about what happened to one of the clerks. I asked the new clerk, he explained to me that the other one was fired, and he gave me his phone number. I texted Dave and we met for ice cream yesterday. He agreed to a selfie. It was so nice to reconnect. I used to talk to him every time I went into Sunoco to pick up my Amazon packages. Yesterday’s ice cream outing was fun. Total Happiness Box moment.

I’m seeing Dave again tomorrow. I have a date on Saturday evening with someone from Facebook dating. We’re meeting at an Asian fusion place. I’m excited for that as well.

On Sunday I had lunch with Kathleen, a friend from RTI, who I hadn’t seen since March 2020. It felt great to catch up and she’s so happy that I got out of that awful relationship with Tommy, and I’m getting back out there again. It felt good to laugh with her and I’m thankful for her friendship as well.

I received a letter from Christina today and the Navy is going well for her. She’s super busy. I am thankful that we still keep in touch and we are pen pals for now. I’m thinking about paying her a visit at some point.

I’m also thankful for other friends, library co-workers, and family. What are you thankful for today?

I am Enough

I’ll be honest, every time I go out on a new date or make new friends or meet new people, I am a nervous wreck. I worry that I am too much. I’m too much work, I have too much anxiety, I’m depressed too much, I take too many pictures, I scrapbook too much, I write too much, sometimes I talk too much, I love too much, I get over excited about people, animals, and many other things, I am too kind, I am too caring, and I can go on and on and on.

The one that has been getting me down for a few days is the fear that I’m too much work. I have anxiety. I have hang-ups, especially from a traumatic past. Sometimes you have to give me a lot of reassurance and I know that is a lot. I fear that I may never be loved because who wants someone who is too much work?

I’m thankful for Chris and Rasean and Tina and Brian. They reminded me that we are all a lot of work. Each and every one of us have hang-ups, baggage, hopes, dreams, and everything else. None of us are perfect. We also all get nervous on first dates or first times meeting friends or new people. That is normal.

Yeah, I may get over-excited, I may give my heart too much, I may take too many photos, I may scrapbook too much, or laugh too much, or I’m too empathic, but what may annoy some, others love that about me. I love that about me. I am enough.

Allentown | Day 2 | 11 September 2022

I had the best sleep at that Air BNB in Wescosville. I slept like a baby and this had to be the most restful sleep I had in an Air BNB ever. Their area in Wescosville was quiet and since I had my own living quarters, that is probably why.

I got up at 7am to the sound of pouring rain. I knew my friend couldn’t take me all the way home to King of Prussia, so I wanted to be ready for the bus. I lazed to the living room and instead of scrapbooking (I brought my scrapbook supplies), I read some messages. I packed and did some meditating.

My friend picked me up at 9:20am, to get me to the bus by 10am.

When he picked me up on Sunday morning, it was pouring rain in Wescosville. He texted me to say that he was 3 minutes out, so I decided to wait for him outside. I said goodbye to my Air BNB hosts and it’s funny that they thought he was my boyfriend. They asked if he was picking me up. I said, “Yes. He’s going to take me to the bus to go back to King of Prussia. I enjoyed my stay and I was very comfortable.” They both smiled.

Anyway, when he picked me up, I was soaked. Yet, his truck was warm and he had music playing. As we were cruising around Allentown, this song came on:

I’m a big fan of Jelly Roll and I could hear him right away. I asked him, “is this Jelly Roll?” He checked his phone and it was, along with Brantley Gilbert. We both liked Sons of the Dirty South and we rocked out. 

It’s hard to believe that I started listening to JellyRoll 9 years ago and I have to thank Twiztid for that. On their first album on an independent label, JellyRoll appeared in one of the songs (as did Caskey, who I also really like) and I liked his style. I really liked his style when he did a collaboration with Young Wicked and I had to explore JellyRoll some more. I was amazed.

It’s really neat and shows his talent that he has gone from rap to Southern rock, and combines both. From underground rappers to Top 40 artists, he can collaborate with them. I admire that.

Anyway, my friend got me to the bus on time and I made it back to Philadelphia safely. Once back, I decided to stop at China Town and have a Vietnamese lunch at Pho Cali.

Lunch was so good. I made it home at 2pm, did my wash, and as I relaxed as the rain fell down, I wrote about my Allentown memories.

Allentown | Part 1 | 10 September 2022

On Saturday I was supposed to meet up with someone, but the person gave me weird vibes and I canceled. I decided to go to Allentown and meet up with a friend. I made the reservation for the Air BNB in Wescosville on Friday afternoon, and the bus reservation on Friday after my date.

Unfortunately, I missed my bus to Allentown since I misread the schedule. I thought it was leaving at 11:35, not 11:05 and SEPTA was running late. I knew if I canceled my Air BNB, I wouldn’t be able to get a refund and I promised my friend I’d visit. So, I ordered an Uber. Damn, I wish I would have known I was going to miss my bus because I would have stayed in King of Prussia and gotten Uber from there. It would have been quicker (45 minutes) and cheaper. Oh, well, Charles was awesome and didn’t mind driving the 90 minutes from Philadelphia to Allentown.

Charles was a great conversationalist and I enjoyed riding with him for that distance. I loved talking to him about travel and life. The scenery in Allentown was nice too.

I put the wrong address in for Channel 69 news. I didn’t realize that the Channel 69 news station in Downtown Allentown was also the PPL Center. When Charles stopped at the Channel 69 news station on Rock Rd., I realized that was the wrong place. He put in Hamilton Street and dropped me off there.

I had to walk 20 minutes to the downtown area, but I thanked Charles for his kindness. He also gave me his phone number if I needed a ride home on Sunday. Anyway, the walk to downtown Allentown was beautiful and I was thinking of Billy Joel’s Allentown as I walked.

Then I got into town and took other photos. There was also a street festival going on.

As I was listening to music, my friend texted me that he was almost done work, and I could meet him near Coca Cola Park. I walked to the bus and took the Casino line to Ballpark (Coca Cola Park) and waited for him to pick me up. He wanted to see pictures of where I was. Here are those photos:

My friend picked me up and we hung out at the Air BNB, watching both Despicable Me movies, laughing, and chatting.

I really loved the Air BNB I stayed in. I had my own quarters, complete with a living room and coffee set-up. I also had my own bathroom. The owners were really nice and it was funny that they thought my friend was my boyfriend. He left at 9. After, I chatted with Brian and learned that he is not looking for a relationship. He’s happy being single. I’m disappointed, but I’m glad to know that now before I invest too much time.

I unwound for the evening by watching Forensic Files before settling in at 11:30 pm.

Thankful Thursday 8 September 2022

I know I’ve been away for a week, I’ve been recovering from wisdom tooth surgery. Last Friday I had one wisdom tooth removed and it was brutal. I was conscious during the procedure and since it was impacted, it took three hours. The dentist gave me a lot of novocane and once it was done, she and her father (who used to be my dentist) gave me a high five. I threw up at the beginning of the procedure and they were super patient with me. Thankful for their care.

The tooth came out in pieces.

I went home and rested. Chatted with a couple romantic prospects and they invited me over to care for me. I stayed home; while I appreciated the offer, recovering from wisdom tooth surgery doesn’t make a good first date. LOL! Brian wished me well and checked in on me as well. Thankful for all of them.

On Saturday, I stayed in my pajamas all day. One of my old library co-workers sent me a get well soon card. I was verklempt and very thankful.

On Monday, I was feeling okay and I went to a movie with a friend. Raesean and I had dinner at True Foods and while my dinner was delicious, I still didn’t have an appetite and it was a little spicy. I brought it home. We then saw Three Thousand Years of Solitude – it was awesome. Thankful for Raesean and the laughter we shared.

On Tuesday I went back to both jobs. I told the owner of Frais that I just had wisdom tooth surgery and she just warmed gluten-free bread for me, with butter. She’s been doing that the whole week for me and I am super grateful.

Today the dissolvable stitches dissolved and my mouth feels better. I also finish the antibiotics tonight. I’m on the mend and grateful.

I’m also grateful for friends and family. What are you grateful for today?