Card Making Date with David | 19 March 2023

After we finished scrapbooking, David and I made cards. I made a birthday card for a co-worker and he asked me what kind of card he should make. I reminded him about the anniversary coming up.

Today is a special anniversary for us. If you need a reminder, here’s the Happiness Box note from 21 March 2022.

I was in a nightmare situation (I can’t call it a relationship since he dipped every two weeks and we wouldn’t see each other for a month at a time) last year. On 20 March 2022, the nightmare dropped a bombshell – he hooked up with someone. I thought this person was taking advantage of him, and when he told her that I was upset, this girl told him that I shouldn’t be upset, that I was overreacting and that nightmare sided with him. I thought he was being taken for a ride, but I later learned the truth. I met David during a difficult time and I really enjoyed talking to him. He provided so much joy that difficult day and in the following month.

I’m glad we reconnected six months later, which today is also 6 months since we started seeing one another. Exactly six months to the day from meeting. From talking to seeing each other, now we are a committed couple and very happy. I’m so glad David was kind to me on that day last March and I’m glad he answered my text message six months ago.

I sent him a card that he will get to open today. I really love the card he made me and now I’m debating if I want to put these photos in a box with this card or if I just want to make a scrapbook for 2023 – like the Happiness Box scrapbook, but it would be David and Jessica and include the card with that, along with anything else he gives me this year. Thoughts?

I’m beyond grateful that David is in my life. He’s beyond grateful that I’m in his life. We’re meant for each other and it’s a great feeling.

Scrapbooking Date with David | 19 March 2023

Yesterday David and I had a scrapbooking date. We each diligently worked on a layout. He scrapped our New Year’s Day celebration and I scrapped some of the pictures from Xmas Eve at Aunt Kathy’s.

Scrapbooking worked up an appetite and I made us dinner: gluten-free shrimp tacos with cilantro and lime rice. We couldn’t forget the Bailey’s Irish Cream!

After our dinner, we ventured to Valley Forge Park before we went back to his house for a video game date. I didn’t feel like bringing my tripod, tried to get the Arch in selfie mode. It looks like we did capture some of the Arch in selfie mode.

Next time, I’ll bring my tripod and maybe we can go when more of the trees are in bloom. I’m beyond grateful for David’s patience.

We arrived at David’s house and he had Persona 5 loaded for me to play.
I was involved in a nightmare early last year and playing video games was often a point where that nightmare of a person would scream at me. I’m better at RPGs and David loaded something I could play with minimal help. Persona 5 was awesome and I can’t wait to play the game when I go over his house. I’ll have to find more RPGs.

Oh, Lucy also made an appearance. She warmed up to me, let me scritch her and kiss her tiny little head. She was purring up a storm. Lucy was David’s mom’s cat and I’m glad she loves me.

David initiated another scrapbook date next weekend with us working on one layout TOGETHER. I can’t wait to do that with him. Then after, we’ll go back to his house and I’ll play video games with him and Erich. We’re getting into each other’s hobbies and it’s so wonderful.

Stuffed Animal Family (picture entry)

Our little family. I built Wesley (cat) in 2007 and all of my friends wanted to become family to him. He never had a dad, so David gladly filled the role. I built Curly Kim in 2001. When Build a Bear first opened at the King of Prussia Mall in Summer 2001, Nan took me that August and we built her. I was obsessed with Eminem at that time and named her after his ex-wife. Since the bunny had a curly coat, I added “Curly.” I wanted to add Curly Kim to the family.

I’m beyond grateful to have such a loving, kind, and patient partner. He doesn’t mind joining in on the silly and taking photos of it. Thank you, my love.

Valentine’s Day Card from David

A few weeks ago, David and I talked about why cards matter to me. I told him this, “Okay. They’re important because I used to like looking at Nan’s cards from Grandpa C and even the letters. I never met him, so it was a way to know him a little, but I loved reading about their love.”

He replied, I feel bad now. Ima make it up to you.

He also told me that I’m not selfish or over the top. I’m not high maintenance at all. David also said, “you deserve to be taken care of too.”

I had an extra Valentine’s Day card and last week I asked David if he would mind filling it out. He didn’t mind at all. David filled it out last night. He made me promise not to read it until the morning. Last night, I put it next to my alarm clock. As soon as my alarm goes off at 5:50 AM, I’ll read it.

Ah, a nice surprise this morning as soon as the alarm woke me up at 5:50. The card brought happy tears to my eyes.

I’m beyond grateful. 🥲 I put it in the scrapbook box.

Thankful Thursday 9 March 2023

Last Thursday, David and I had a date night. Erich cooked us steak for dinner and it was delicious. I’m grateful that Erich cooked for us.

This Thursday I will be spending time with David, Devon, and Myranda after I’m done work. I can’t wait to spend time with them and I’m so grateful. I am extremely grateful for David and I’m so happy he’s in my life.

I’m also thankful for friends and family. What are you thankful for?

Recouping after Celebrations

I love planning and entertaining. However, I also have chronic illnesses and while these two things are fun, they’re also exhausting. I haven’t done birthday parties in a decade and I forgot how draining it could be. I get cranky when I am tired, but I told myself when I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I wouldn’t let my condition stop me. 12 years on, I still feel that way, and I feel that way with Celiac disease thrown in.

I said this to David yesterday, “Love, I get grumpy when I’m tired, but please let me do things. I love celebrating y’all. “

He understands and he will also help me as well. That’s fine with me. 🙂 Planning and entertaining together is a great bonding activity.

I’ve recouped and now I’m preparing for David’s 30th birthday on 26 April. We’re going to do a hot pot celebration at his house.

Erich’s Birthday Weekend (4-5 March 2023)

Erich’s 29th birthday was Saturday, 4 March 2023. The original plan was seeing Erich on the 5th for his birthday dinner, then cake after. Since David took off on Saturday because of the Movie Tavern incident, I got to spend Erich’s birthday with him. I didn’t get photos of Erich opening his gifts, but he was surprised.

On Friday, I went to the Head Nut in Ardmore and picked up some coffee for him. He loves coffee. Before I ordered a reusable K-Cup, I asked David if he had one. David said that Erich did not. I ordered a reusable K-Cup on Amazon and it was delivered after I returned from the Head Nut.

I bought Erich French Vanilla, Snickerdoodle, and Coffee Liqueur and Cream coffees. I also picked up some Oolong tea for him.

On Saturday, I designed the gift bag. When David picked me up, we ran to Walmart and David picked up the Switch console that he wanted to get for Erich. We decided to put the Switch console in the bag with the coffees and tea. When Erich opened his gifts, he was pleasantly surprised.

On Sunday, we went to Volcano Hot Pot and BBQ in North Wales. It was our first time going, and at 6 PM, Erich, Justin, David and I had reservations. I’m glad I didn’t eat much of a breakfast and didn’t eat lunch because they charged $10 for anything that was left, no doggy bags. It was a buffet, so we had to portion out.

We left stuffed. David drove us to Norristown, where we picked up Devon, then we all went back to David’s house for video games. Before I left, we sang Happy Birthday to Erich. I made him a gluten-free birthday cake.

Last night David told me that Erich enjoyed everything and it was his best birthday ever. I also was told I’m now considered family. 

Just Because Gift

Last weekend David admitted to me that he never took pictures with his mama and he never took pictures of her. Before he dated me, he never really thought about photography and he often hated having photos taken. Since we are planning a future together, I want our future home to be filled with photos. I want to have a picture of Nan and I hanging up, and I wanted to have a picture of David and his mama to hang up, so that is why I asked.

My friend suggested making a photo for him and surprise him. Since David and his sister aren’t on speaking terms, I knew I needed to let David in on the surprise a bit. I borrowed his dad’s frame from his sister’s wedding day. The portrait has his mom and dad with his sister and her new husband. David had a photo with his sister posted and I could save it.

I can’t afford Photoshop, so I used Canva instead. I decided to create a brand new portrait for David. While it’s not perfect, I was worried about that he might think it was ugly. I reached out to some friends on Friday and they said, “Jess, it looks great for Canva. He’ll love it, especially since he doesn’t have a photo of him and his mom.” It looked better once I put it in the frame I picked up from Michaels.

I was planning on giving David his just because gift on Sunday, but we ended up seeing each other on Saturday. After an awful shift at the Movie Tavern on Friday night where lives were threatened, he took off. He needed the cheer. Absolutely loved it. David has the photo on his nightstand. He cried happy tears. He needed that.