A Musical Evening with Joy Ike | Philadelphia Museum of Art | 17 May 2019

Christina and I discovered Joy Ike back in 2017 during the Turks Head Music Festival. I was so happy to see that she was performing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and I enjoyed a musical evening with a kind, gentle soul.



At the end of the show, I had the opportunity to meet Joy Ike again and she agreed to a selfie.



She said she somewhat remembers Turks Head Music Festival, but here are the fun photos from 2017:

First Hike to Manayunk of Spring/Summer 2019

On Friday, I wore my ICP shirt, the first one I ever bought. I had to flaunt it on my first hike of the spring/summer. Once I exited my office, I saw a young man and his two dogs resting. I went over, pet the dogs, and the young man warned me of ticks. He found two on the dogs and a few on himself. I thanked him (and no, I didn’t find any ticks on myself).


Once I walked further down the trail, a middle aged man who was trimming weeds, stopped and chatted for 15 minutes. He was showing me the different weeds, how they are invasive species. He was fun to chat with and I learned a lot about Japanese vine.

After I crossed the tracks at Shawmont, I was trying to get a selfie of myself in front of the river. It did work, as I’m great with selfies, but two young men walked by. I asked them if they wouldn’t mind taking a photo of me. They gladly agreed and told me that a little ways down, there is a path that leads to the graffiti sections. Since I had my DSLR, they recommended it. I thought it would be neat, before they left I asked for a selfie with them.

I made my way down the trail and about 15 minutes later, I saw a path that led to the graffiti section. There was a path that wasn’t covered in water and I thought it would be safe. Nope! I slipped in the mud and half of the back of my leg was covered in mud, along with my left shoe, and bottom of my purse. I laughed, I was too comical. All in the name of photography! Needless to say, I didn’t continue on that path, and just took photos from the side. I needed to get a new pair of pants once I got into Philadelphia (I asked a jogger and he said there was nothing in Manayunk that sold clothes).

Before I exited the trail, I saw a mother and father goose protecting their little gosslings. I took several photos of their bundles of joy, after five minutes, the father must have felt intimidated and started walking over to me, hissing. I know, he wanted to protect his brood. The mother joined suit. I left after that.

I bought a new pair of jeans at Ross. I’ll donate them, they didn’t quite work, but they worked for my evening at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. As I was sitting on the bus to the art museum, I was telling the woman I was sitting next to about the mud incident. I simply laughed and said, “laughing, that’s all you can do.” She was an older woman, she smiled and said, “I like your attitude.”

Remembering Grumpy Cat (4 April 2012 – 14 May 2019)

Every morning I wake up to my Grumpy Cat calendar. This morning was no exception, although I hadn’t changed it in a week. I soon went onto Instagram and saw the heart breaking news.

I’m heartbroken. No, she wasn’t my cat, but I loved her memes just the same. I’ve always wanted to meet her too. 😢 I have a beloved Grumpy Cat shirt that I’ve warn for pretty special occasions.



Grumpy Cat joined me during the Juggalo March in D.C. on 16 September 2017. I went to D.C. for the Brown’s family reunion, had some down time and was able to join the Family for moments of the March, then join the Browns for the moments in their reunion. Yes, I did two things that day and I’m so glad I was able to do both… all with my beloved shirt.

“Vote No On Everything” is very appropriate for Washington, D.C.

Grumpy Cat joined me on a few Asbury Park trips over the past few years.

And since Jamie from Twiztid posted about how saddened he was about Grumpy Cat’s death, here’s a few photos from my 25th birthday – two of my favourites. This was my first Grumpy Cat shirt, the one I bought in 2013, on the eve of my 24th birthday. I wonder if I still have that shirt somewhere.

Grumpy Cat, thank you for the joy and laughs for the past 7 years. Go enjoy a Scotch with Mimi, Olivia, both Woos, and Colonel Meow. 💜

Thankful Thursday 16 May 2019

Wow! Another care package from the UK! Even though the Brits are wrongly stereotyped with the tight upper lip and being made of steel, I’ve found that the Brits are some of the kindest people.

Yesterday when dad picked me up from the library, I asked him (as usual) if I had any mail. He responded, “you have a package waiting for you, it’s from outside the US.” I was curious and when we arrived home, I was happy to see it was a surprise package from Katie. Katie is one of my Instagram friends and like Teddy and Sarah, although I haven’t met her face to face yet, we have become more than just internet friends. I have a few friends like that, and it’s nice. Anyway, she sent me a nice little letter, some ads from Manchester in a baggie that Manchester gives out for free to visitors, and inside the bag was some swag from Sad Ghost Club. She knows how much I love Sad Ghost Club, so she decided to surprise me with some stickers, pins, and a patch. I’m beyond verklempt and I feel so grateful. She is moving in the fall, after she moves, I will send her something bigger than postcards and pictures.

I’m grateful for my local friends too. Christina and Tiarra have been my rock this year – I’m thinking about doing something special (and different) for my third decade of life. Nothing too drastic, but I’ve been chatting with Christina and Tiarra about it and they think I should. They both have said, “life is too short. If you want to do something, do it!” They will be there for me. I’m also grateful for Marsha and Claire.

I’m grateful for dad since he takes me in the morning, three days per week to the train, he’s helping me save money. Well, not only that, but because he wants to and has always loved doing things with me. He enjoys it and I’m daddy’s girl, so I think that’s why he enjoys it. Regardless, I am thankful for dad and for his love.

I saw Jack yesterday! We’re slowly blooming into friends, I think! He’s seeing the Fugees tomorrow night and we were chatting about that. I said, “I would love to see if there are still tickets available, but I’m seeing Machine Gun Kelly on 4 June.” He responded, “I love Kells! I would love to see him.” We chatted about it for a little while before he had to get off of the train. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

What are you thankful for?

Mother’s Day 2019

Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mom, who makes sure my food is kept gluten and lactose free and helps with scrapbooking and art projects and everything in between.

Last night, I left out a gift from me and a small gift from the Boy. I gave her a miniature rose that she can keep on the porch and an IOU for Kick Axe. She thought that it looked cool and would like to try it. Once she finishes travelling for work, she wants to see the Lantern Festival, so we can do that and go ax throwing after.

We enjoyed dinner at Creed’s Steak and Seafood. We enjoyed our dinner, shared laughs and conversations. Sam, our waiter, was awesome and made sure my meal was kept gluten free. He sat down with me to talk about my allergies and was attentive. He was also attentive to mom and made her feel like the queen she is.

Happy Mother’s Day to all women out there – the pet moms, the moms who adopted, the women who have tried to conceive but lost their pregnancy, women who have decided not to become moms, moms with strained relationships with their offspring, teachers, caregivers, and grandmothers.