Thankful Thursday 17 January 2019

Miss Mimi peacefully died on Tuesday, 15 January 2019 at 6:56 AM. Mom texted me with the news. While we have the stray cat we neutered last year in the house, it’s not the same and I need some time to grieve.

I thought of a post this morning, for the future, that I want to take my time with. I am grateful for Mimi’s love for the past 10.5 years. As Terry at the library said, “while they brought us joy and love, we also gave them joy and love that they will take with them.”

I am grateful for the friends, co-workers from both jobs, and relatives that reached out to me after Mimi crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Ms. Ernestine has let me keep Blu, her pet fish, on my desk so I won’t feel so alone. Terry gave a copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem with condolences, Shetana and Kathleen sent me e-cards, Aunt Peg sent all of us (mom, dad, and I) a pet sympathy card.  I’m also thankful for all the blog buddies that reached out. They have made the transition easier.

What are you thankful for today?’

Oh, here is a picture of the boy. Mom and dad have been spending time with him, but I can’t right now. I sort of had a blow up about it the other night with friends, we started bringing him in when Mimi was alive and he stalked her a few times. She was visably shaken and felt like we were going to replace her. I said that he killed her and he belongs in the trash (I wouldn’t hurt the cat, but he’s a stray and went from trash can to trash can). I offended an old friend who is vegan and she didn’t want to hear anymore of it. She didn’t think my anger was justified and she didn’t think a stray cat could bring in diseases. Most of my friends agreed with me, that he could have brought disease, but they also understood my feelings. I just lost Mimi and I have a right to my feelings. They also agreed that I just need some time to grieve.



And mom sent me these two of Mimi from last month:

My Sweet Mimi

Mimi, my cat, is not long for this world. Last month our new vet saw jaw/tooth cancer present in her and we knew it was only a matter of time. We just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. I took this photo of her yesterday, our selfie, for my Happiness Box. While I know death isn’t happy, I’m going to include her passing with a beautiful memory and the photo of us after I graduated in December 2013. I am grateful for all the love she has shown me over the years.

Tonight, until I go to bed, I am going to sit with her and spend the time I have with her because if she makes it through the night, I have both jobs tomorrow. I’m going to miss Mimi.

A Quiet Weekend In

After work yesterday (library), I decided to stay in for the weekend. I was planning on skating yesterday earlier in the week, but I was feeling tired. My goal for this year is not to push myself when I need rest. I’m also an introvert and I have found that when I over extend myself by constantly running, I become a mean person. I need me time to recharge.

I had lunch at Panera and went shopping at Trader Joe’s. Before Trader Joe’s, I stopped into Kabob Cafe and found that the Turkish Delight is gluten free! They also have chick pea flour cookies, but I could only afford the Turkish Delight. The cashier understood, she stated they have the cookies all the time and next week I’ll go back to get them. Yesterday made up for my snafu in Philadelphia on Friday night.

Dad lit the fireplace last night and we all enjoyed the fire. It was indeed very peaceful and it was nice to sit in front of the fire and read.

Sundays in 2019 will be my day of rest. I want to designate a day where I don’t spend any money and I think Sunday is a great day since I don’t have either jobs. That will also be my cleaning day. We had snow this morning and I managed to get to the playground. I had fun playing in the snow. 🙂

I’m calling it an evening to watch 60 Minutes and (hopefully) scrapbook! Have a great Sunday evening.

Friday Night Skating 11 January 2019

Last night I ventured into the city and went ice skating. I actually walked from my full-time job to Manayunk and had a nice hike. It was freezing — 28 degrees F — but the cold air hitting my face was refreshing. Yes, I love winter and the cold. When I arrived in Manayunk, my attention was diverted to a restaurant. They were closed, but one of the workers gave me a menu and said they can make oatmeal and tater tots gluten free for me. Next time, I’ll have to go before 3pm. As I waited for the bus into the city, I picked up a magazine and there is an Iranian tea house in Manayunk that I want to try.

I skated without an ice walker and met some kind people. One was a photographer and took a few photos of me with my camera. We had a blast and I also had a blast taking photos of the rink.

A little snafu with trying to eat out last night. Find Me GF led to me to a GF Korean place, but when I arrived, they had foods I wouldn’t eat. I also can’t do dairy or soy for the same reasons as gluten. It was also mostly pork based and I can’t do that for religious reasons. I found the restaurant Charlie was a sinner, but after twenty minutes of waiting and no sign of a table, I left. All of the gluten free restaurants stretching from 11th-13th and Market Streets lost power and no one could dine. I ended up going home hangry and warming up a frozen dinner in the microwave. Next week I’ll just make reservations somewhere.

Friday Night Ice Skating

After a month away from the ice, I returned to the rink last night! I rented the ice walker because the ice looked melty and I don’t really play around with ice injuries. Regardless, I had a lot of fun! Before I started skating, I met a friendly pitbull named Jameson and had fun playing with him. He was such a good boy and agreed to a selfie with me. I love pits. I skated for an hour and a half and met a group of friends that I skated with for a bit. They were a joy to chat with.

I babysat a three year old on Monday and she dropped my camera. I had it fixed and I guess last night when I was taking photos with my newly repaired camera, I was feeling shaky. Ah, well, next Friday I will capture better night photos!


I decided to have dinner at Barra Rossa because they have the best GF pizza. I sat next to a couple from Baltimore and since I was wearing my Ravens shirt, we had fun chatting about the Ravens and Baltimore! Nice couple.



I posted this selfie on the Happiness Box Instagram and a follower commented:


@thehappinessboxproject I admire u always finding new friends wherever u go haha