A Week with Tommy | Part 2 |13 – 15 June 2022

On Monday, I had to go to work. At around 10:30 am, Tommy texted me that he started a load of wash. I was so proud of him. At around noon, Tommy texted me again that he was going to visit his old high school to visit some teachers.

Unfortunately, the school would not let him in. He came back to Norristown, and skated around until I finished work at 4:15. Tommy uploaded his photos to my laptop and I want to share the picture he took while skateboarding. He borrowed my skateboard.

I cooked dinner. I tried out a recipe from the Jewish Exponent. I breaded flounder for myself and breaded cod for Tommy. It was delicious!

After Jeopardy, we decided to take a walk on the trail near my house. We walked barefoot and in our pajamas. I brought my film camera and took photos, but I also took some photos with my cellphone. This is what I captured.

Strawberry moon! I took Tuesday off for my Endo appointment, and some extra tests, plus spending more time with Tommy. We enjoyed the full moon.

Tuesday afternoon, we went to Walmart. Tommy bought a cruiser skateboard that we agreed to keep at my house. It would be easier for him to have one at my house so he doesn’t have to keep carrying a deck back and forth. I also bought a Razor scooter. We decided to have a tea party when we got home; I bought some tea party supplies at Walmart too.

When we arrived home, Tommy played with his skateboard and I prepared tea. A half an hour later, we had a late afternoon tea! Tommy enjoyed it.

After tea, Tommy and I decided to ride the trail. He taught me how to ride the scooter. I was a little irritable and I apologized – I was really hot and irritable from hyperthyroidism. He understood.

We made it to the end of the trail, at the train yard. Tommy and I decided to go to Screwballs, since that was on our way back. Once we arrived, we realized Screwballs was having a trivia night. Tommy and I decided to stay, we didn’t do badly, but we didn’t win. I also ordered us Irish Car Bombs and that was his first time having one. Tommy wasn’t a fan.

Got home and that is when I had the accident I talked about in my Thankful Thursday entry. After Tommy cleaned me up, he urged me to call out from work. Not only because of the diarrhea, but he could see how hyperthyroidism was wearing me down. I e-mailed the chief of staff, then we played with Hot Wheels until 12:30 am.

We slept until 9:30 AM and decided to take it easy. We ate breakfast and played with Hot Wheels until 11:30, when we decided to take a nap.

Tommy took care of me on Wednesday. We took it easy and he spent the entire day loving me. Heck, we spent the day loving each other and I cared for him too. We played with Snapchat filters and the Boy loved watching Tommy play with the Hot Wheels.

I’m deeply in love with Tommy. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and he told me he felt the same way, which he never felt this way about anyone either.

I also had him add to our First Holiday Together scrapbook. I did some writing for him too:

Tommy went home on Thursday while I was at work. I’m grateful he spent the week with me. I appreciate him.

A Week with Tommy | Part I | 11 and 12 June 2022

Since mom and dad are on an Alaskan and Canadian cruise until the evening of 19 June 2022, they were delighted when Tommy said he would stay with me for five days. My parents like him and prefer him here when they’re away.

When Tommy and I arrived back to my house, we exchanged seven month anniversary gifts. I bought him Hot Wheel cars with a beautiful card that expresses our relationship well.

I think I am going to write something about dating and falling in love with someone on the spectrum.

I handed him his gift and then Tommy said he had a surprise for me too. He decided to buy me a little something for our 7 months and guess what he bought me?! Matchbox cars. We giggled and said, “great minds think a like.” He set up the tracks and we raced them.

After we exchanged gifts, I asked mom if she could take our photo in front of her beautiful garden. She agreed.

I wanted a photo in front of the trellis with the beautiful purple flowers. Unfortunately, a setting was off and it was all faded. The ISO was too high. Bernadine tried to fix it, but couldn’t. Ah, well, it still looks cool.

I changed into my pajamas after the photo shoot, and we ordered from Chick Fil-A. Tommy suggested eating outside on our back porch and I’m glad he suggested it. The evening was beautiful after the rain passed, there was a breeze, and we loved watching the birds at the birdfeeder as we ate our sandwiches. I didn’t take any photos.

As soon as the sun set, we went to the basement. Tommy found my electric guitar and tried to play it. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if my amp still works. He loved the guitar strap I used at 19/20, the anarchy logo. I wanted to take a photo. His dad is a bassist and does play guitar; Tommy learned at one point, but forgot. Join the club! We’d both like to get back to playing again. Maybe Tommy and I could start a band!

Tommy and I watched MTV Classic and metal hour. I was shocked MTV Classic played a KMFDM music video, but they did. I told Tommy, “this is one of my favourite groups. I’ve been listening to them since middle school.”

He started to head bang and smile, “my baby is a metal head! How awesome,” how awesome done in a death metal voice. He made me giggle.

We went to bed at 10:30 PM and the almost full moon shone through the side of my shade. Tommy exclaimed, “you’re glowing!” When I told him it was the almost full moon lighting me up, he said I looked breathtaking and he kissed me. We fell asleep in each others’ arms.

Sunday morning was rainy. My parents left at 4AM, but Tommy and I slept through them leaving, which they were hoping we’d be doing. They didn’t want to disturb us and they didn’t. Tommy decided to sleep in and I baked a gluten-free whacky cake. It turned out deliciously and Tommy enjoyed it too.

After I took the cake out of the oven and Tommy woke up a little bit, he set up the Hot Wheels race track in the backyard. We had fun racing and it really worked outside, on our hilly backyard.

We went to the mall and to the Legos store. We had so much fun.

Aunt Kathy and Matt picked us up and we drove around for 15 minutes; this was Aunt Kathy and Matt’s first time meeting Tommy. I wanted to start small since he’s an Aspie and I’m glad Aunt Kathy and Matt picked us up. When she dropped us off at my house, Aunt Kathy told me, “you have a wonderful boyfriend, sweetie. He’s so kind and gentle!” She hugged me. I thanked her. Tommy thanked her too.

Tommy and I then went to my neighbour’s high school graduation party. I introduced him to the few neighbours that were there, and I’m glad Ben was there. Ben is a skater and they talked skateboarding for bit. Tommy and I spent the rest of the evening playing in their backyard.

Before Tommy and I left, we asked the neighbour’s grandma if she could take some photos of us. Meg’s yard is gorgeous and they made great photos.

What a great evening!

Thankful Thursday 16 June 2022

Thursday already!? Where did this week go? Tommy stayed with me for the past five days, while my parents are cruising Alaska and Canada, and today while I was at work he went home. I miss him already.

I really love him and he really loves me too. On Tuesday, I was officially diagnosed as hyperthyroid. Since I lost a lot of weight, it’s not uncommon for my thyroid meds to need adjustment. Hyper does suck more than hypo, though.

I had an accident on Tuesday night at home before I made it to the toilet. I started crying and Tommy heard me. He came rushing to the bathroom and saw the accident.

I said, “this has been my life for the past few months! This is so embarrassing!” “Babe, shit happens. Let’s get you cleaned up and let’s wash these clothes.” He washed me and put my clothes in the wash.

I continued crying in the bathroom and he said, “don’t be embarrassed. As you have said to me many times before when I was at my lowest, ‘we are a team and we are on this journey together.’ We are a team and we’re on this journey together. I wouldn’t want to do this journey with anyone else.”

I took another day off yesterday. I had the case of the runs and honestly, I didn’t think the stress of the County would help. We lazed around yesterday. He made sure I was hydrated and loved.

I went back to work today and the ladies in reception asked me how I was feeling. I told them everything, told them how Tommy responded. The ladies said, “that right there is a good man. He really does love you.” I am beyond grateful to have him in my life.

I’m also grateful for friends, and family. What are you grateful for today?

Drag Tea at the Sofitel Hotel | 11 June 2022

This will mostly be a picture and video entry. On Saturday, I ventured into Philly for the Drag Tea at the Sofitel Hotel. Proceeds went to the William Way Center, an organization that means so much to my heart. It’s nice when hotels can help non-profits.

I wanted to get photos at Rittenhouse Square park, but unfortunately, once I hopped off the bus, it began to rain. I took shelter in Starbucks, charged my phone, had a gluten-free snack, and waited an hour until I had to begin my trek to the Sofitel.

Fortunately, it was only a five minute walk. Once I arrived at the hotel, concierge directed me to the tea room. As I waited, many women commented on my outfit. They loved it!

Ms. Sharon let me borrow the crown I wore to tea. She was delighted to hear that it was a show-stopper twice! Brittany Lynn, the host, came over to my table twice and had to tell me how fabulous I looked.

After tea, I met Tommy, and we headed back to my house. I love the selfies we took on the P&W at 69th St.

Saturday was so much fun! I had a lot of laughs and made new precious memories.

Thankful Thursday 9 June 2022

The second week of Pride! I am grateful that when I called the Sofitel Hotel in Rittenhouse Square today to ask if they have gluten-free options for their drag tea, I was happy when the manager told me they can make gluten-free just for me. There was only one ticket left and he put “gluten-free” on my ticket. So grateful!

This is the tea I am going to. Proceeds benefit the William Way Center and as you dear readers know, they helped me when I was in crisis three years ago. I am grateful for their services and am happy to support them. The tea should be fun. Ms. Sharon is also going to let me borrow a rainbow veil for my hat. Grateful for that too.

I had my blood drawn this morning; dad took me, waited for me, then took me to work. I am grateful that he did that for me. I love my dad.

I’m also thankful for friends and co-workers. What are you grateful for today?

“Such a Beautiful Display.”

For the past few days, many of my library co-workers have told me, “you have such a beautiful display” or “your scrapbooks and Happiness Box Project are impressive.” “Such talent.”

Terry and Julia looked at my display tonight. They really loved it…

…I also made them verklempt, seeing the photos with Mrs. Davenport. This is why I take pictures. This is why I scrapbook.

Summer depression is hitting me hard right now, especially with what’s going on in our society. Tommy and I are on a break. However, tonight reminded me AND the past few days reminded me that I am loved, I am appreciated, and people do admire me, my skills, my creativity, and they love the Happiness Box Project idea.

Pride Weekend 2022

I haven’t posted much on social media; just a few images and a story on Instagram.

Ace as gluten free cake. 💜🤍🖤

I never dreamed that I would ever find my person. And a person that mostly brings out the real me. Thank you for celebrating Pride with me. I love you. *Rainbowl**Rainbowr*

I’m being careful about what I post, I’m finding e-mails and letters to be much more personal. 😁 I’m finding social media isn’t what it used to be either.

After a three year hiatus, Pride was back and reimagined. The Philadelphia Pride Collective wanted to make it less commercial and wanted to get back to its roots. Sounded interesting and well, I can’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate with my tribes.

This was Tommy’s first time at Pride. We made a weekend of it and stayed with a friend.

On Saturday night, we ventured into the Gayborhood for a drag show. We were going to go to an earlier show, but when we arrived at Topps Tomato Pizza, we found out that the promoter messed up the address and the performance was actually on South Street. Tommy and I didn’t feel like walking down to South Street and wanted to stay in the Gayborhood; we decided to see the 10pm show at Tabu on 12th and Walnut instead.

I’m glad we did because we avoided that shooting. Where the earlier show would have been, would have been in that area on South Street. I like to say it was divine intervention. We didn’t even know until both of our parents called us on Sunday morning and told us. 

Sunset selfie at the playground

After dinner and playing dodgeball, wall ball, and wiffle ball at the playground, we made our way to Tabu. I’m glad we arrived early; we sat with another couple after I asked if we could sit with them. “Of course, especially since you asked so nicely!” They were fun to chat with for a bit. I also met MX, a performer from Massachusetts, and also Bev, the drag host. Tommy and I enjoyed Bev’s Bitchfest, and the club was jammed packed. We left at intermission, while we loved the show and performers, Tommy and I were tired and Sunday was going to not only be an early morning, but a busy day with the parade/march.

As I mentioned earlier, Pride was very different than in years’ past. They didn’t want to commercialize it and the Philadelphia Pride Collective did a wonderful job. We marched at four distinct locations that had significance in the Black community, the Native American community, the AAPI community, and of course the LGBTQIA community; the march began at Independence Mall and ended in the Gayborhood.

Tommy suggested we walk in the march. I was shocked that he suggested it because he’s usually shy, doesn’t like to bring attention to himself. I took his lead and we marched from the African American History Museum all the way to the Gayborhood with everyone else. We chanted, we waved our flags, and had a lot of fun. As we marched, Tommy said, “Happy Pride, babe. Love you.” Awwww. I love him. We held hands at one point.

The march ended around 1pm. We sat in the park near Jefferson university and rested until we went back to his house. Tommy and I were both exhausted, and it felt great to relax while playing video games. It was a lovely weekend and Pride Weekend 2022 is one we will never forget. 😁