A Nice Monday Morning Surprise

This morning when I got into work, there was a nice surprise waiting on my desk. A beautiful glass statue with a sweet engraving that made me verklempt. What a kind, anonymous gesture that was a wonderful start to the week.

I mentioned it to one of my co-workers and she told me she left it for me. I thanked her, and this evening I took out a thank you card that I will give to her tomorrow. I am grateful.

I hope I didn’t overshare yesterday. Not every day is a happy day, especially when it comes to chronic illness. I make the best of each day, but I also like to keep it real. I don’t live on Instagram or my blog, I live in real life and when we live in real life, we have our struggles, just like we have our victories. I try not to overshare, but sometimes I do share. I believe being authentic is the path to wholehearted joy.

Birds of Prey

Last night I decided to go to the movies. I was planning on seeing Birds of Prey when it came out because I like Joker, and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn grew on me. I wanted to see what Harley Quinn was like without Mr. J since she and the Joker broke up.

I was feeling depressed; I finally got my period after 10 months last week and it came as a surprise. I was never regular because of my chronic issues, and I’m always happy to see it. However, it seems like when it ended on Tuesday (lasted from Thursday until Tuesday), my mood crashed. I read about post-menstrual syndrome and I guess since now I’m 30 with obvious hormonal issues, post-menstrual syndrome is real life for me. Anyway, I was feeling depressed and thought Birds of Prey would cheer me up.

Unfortunately, Philadelphia Film Society wasn’t screening the movie, but AMC at the new Fashion District Mall off of the train station, was. After I hopped off of the train, I walked up to the movie theatre and bought my ticket. $12, plus $17 for a gluten-free burger and fries.

I LOVED Birds of Prey. Harley Quinn without Mr. J was badass; I thought she was a much stronger character and I love a strong female character. I really loved the story line and would recommend it. Although I still love Joker…

Birds of Prey really did cheer me up.


Ewan McGregor also starred in the film. He was Black Mask and let me tell you, Black Mask is a total 180 from Christopher Robin! I love Pooh and I loved Christopher Robin too.


Yesterday was a special day. For the first time in 900 years, the date was a palindrome.

The Super Bowl also calls for a special celebration! My neighbours are 49ers fans and invited us to their Super Bowl party. Unfortunately, not many people showed up, but I enjoyed spending time with my neighbours for two hours. I didn’t take many photos, but captured two that sum up the precious evening with lovely people. I wasn’t feeling well, but being around friends that consider you family, that made my heart sing.

I left at 7:30 and watched the end of the game at home. I’m happy for the Chiefs.

Dinner and a Movie | Friday Night Relaxation (31 January 2020)

Last night, I decided to take a break from ice skating because I am finding that sometimes rest days are important. I’ve been in some pain – nothing serious, it’s the joys of being healthy again – and I’ve been taking a rest week until that time subsides.

I loved going to the Roxy in October and I decided I would pay the Philadelphia Film Center (formerly the Prince) a visit. I didn’t really want to see Little Women at the Roxy, so I settled on 1917 at the PFC. I ended up joining the Philadelphia Film Society; I love old theaters; since I want to get back into seeing movies, and I love the mission of the PFS, I thought the membership would bring me joy. I can’t wait for a year of movies! 😀

1917 was a pretty good movie. It was a little depressing, but the story line was well written and the acting was on point. 1917 reminded me of All Quiet on the Western Front, but from the British point of view.

After, I went to dinner at Barra Rossa and had a delicious GF veggie pizza. I had a really nice waiter and he agreed to a selfie. Dinner and a selfie was a great way to end a relaxing evening.


Next Friday I will return to ice skating, but I will see Birds of Prey first. I can’t wait to see Harley Quinn and how she fares since breaking up with Joker.

Thankful Thursday 30 January 2020

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of February! The first month of 2020 Vision went quickly! Today is also 4 years since I learned of Brandon’s death. He died on 31 March 2015, but I found out on 30 January 2016. It’s amazing how much things have changed since then; I am more at peace and while I was learning to forgive him, I have also learned to forgive myself. I can’t know what I didn’t know back then and I can’t change what happened either. I can only move forward and he is ash now. I am still standing and I can make an impact in this world.

I am thankful for the wonderful people I met at the skating rink on Sunday. I asked this one teenaged girl if she could get a photo of me skating, she did. After, her best friend asked me if I could get a photo with her. I said, “I would love that!” Her friend took the photo with my phone, then the other group of friends wanted selfies with me. The last photo was a group selfie and each one of them followed me on the Happiness Box Project’s Instagram. They were a lovely group of girls, filled with such positivity. Teenage girls, unlike teenage boys, are awesome and I’ve found that I’m popular among the teenage girls. At Oaks, I have one who is happy to see me every time I’m there and wants photos. Then I have two girls I see at Target once in a while who are so happy to see me too and want selfies. I was bullied as a teenager, so it’s a nice change. I guess my smile, upbeat and kind demeanor attracts people.

Although, not all teenage boys are bad. I met a nice one last Friday who took video of me skating AND agreed to a selfie. I’m thankful for the ones that agree and I’m thankful for the sweet memories I’ve added to my Happiness Box over the years.


I’m also thankful for my health, friends, and family. Dad picked me up from the library tonight and I’m grateful. My library friend also gave me a card with $20 on Tuesday. I’m grateful for that too.

What are you thankful for?

Happy (Lunar) New Year! Year of the Rat


On Sunday, 26 January 2020, I ventured into Philadelphia for the Lion Dance Parade in China Town. The day was gorgeous and the Year of the Rat not only drew in the Asian community, but all communities in Philadelphia and the suburbs. It was nice being together, as one people, celebrating each other. Happy New Year! May the Year of the Rat bring you all much peace, health, and prosperity.


I ended my evening at Bahn Mi and Bottles since they have delicious GF options. The Vietnamese also celebrate the Lunar New Year and their New Year menu had some delicious GF options. I ended up getting a sticky rice and beans sandwich with shrimp and mushroom pho. Yum!