Thankful Thursday 24 June 2021

Wow! I can’t believe it’s the last Thursday of June and next week will be July! I’ll be 32 in 10 days as well! :O

There’s a brand new Jessica in town! A brand new Jessica that was emerging a bit in 2019, but took a sharp turn in 2020, is now making her debut in 2021!

Last night, ibrary co-worker asked me if I could put together a book display for the library.

I know, I know, 18 months ago I declared I’d never do it again, but since we are short staffed AND being off for 8 months (because of COVID-19), I am over the anger from January 2020. I’m putting together a display.…

I am looking at the national days in July. National Cheesecake Day? Maybe? We have plenty of food mysteries. LOL!

I think I was burned out and the pandemic helped me put things into perspective. I like this new version of me. She’s a keeper! I’m grateful for this opportunity.

On Tuesday night, Terry gave me two cards for my birthday. One from her and her husband, then one from the cat. I’m catsitting on Saturday into Sunday. I was so verklempt by her gesture and I’m so grateful!

After a heatwave last weekend and on Monday, Tuesday it went down into the low 70s and the mornings have been in the 50s. I’ve been enjoying the weather and have loved taking walks at 5:45 am. It feels great!

I’m also thankful for friends and family. What are you grateful for today?

Happy Summer!

At 11:31 last night, summer officially began! Today is the first full day of summer. As most of you know, I have Summer SAD and feel depressed in the summer. The longer days, the sweltering heat, yuck, I much prefer winter with the shorter days, colder temperatures, and more activity.

With that said, after a bevy of activity this spring, I’m taking a break this summer. I have some things I want to accomplish, one of which is finishing Happiness Box Project 2020’s scrapbook. I realized that when I created Facebook, I had the best intentions of using it to RSVP to RSJ Philadelphia’s events. I did and I was able to go to many, BUT, Facebook caused me to over extend myself with activities, both limited in person and on Zoom.

This summer I’m not paying attention to Facebook as much, I deactivated Instagram, and I’m not on Twitter as much. I want to regroup for the autumn and this summer I will be thinking up new topics for The Happiness Box Project Initiative newsletters.

I hope you all have a great summer! I can’t wait to share my stories and I can’t wait to hear yours!

Thankful Thursday 17 June 2021

Half-way through June already!? 2021 is truly flying by. I can’t believe the Summer Solstice is on Sunday and Midsummer is next Thursday. My birthday is two weeks from Sunday.

I’ve been busy in the evenings working on scrapbook pages for Happiness Box Project 2020. Since I have 365 notes and a lot of photos, I can’t go all out with fancy decorating. That would take up too much room and I want to keep the Happiness Box Project in one scrapbook binder. HOWEVER, I will scrapbook special moments such as travels. I’ve been working on Belmar/Asbury Park’s pages this week. I’m done and I already finished half of August.

I’m thankful for the kind comments on, Facebook, and Reddit. Some of my layouts received awards. I’m grateful for the experiences and how they turned out. I also loved using lyrics to different songs for these layouts.

I also finished a special layout for Memorial Day 2020:

This weekend I’m going to create a special layout for Atlantic City as well. Atlantic City from 30 August 2020.

I’m thankful for Jody on for spearheading an activity yesterday. She wanted people to send community merit badges to the members that judged the Quill awards this year. I was one of the judges. Last night when I got home from the library, I had 16 e-mails waiting for me. 16 different merit badges and words of kindness thanking me for all that I do around the site. I woke up to 6 e-mails this morning, same thing, and I received 8 more through the day. 30 new MBs! I’m grateful for my friends and the community in general.

I’m thankful for the library. Next weekend they are having a Pride story time for children ages 8-12. I asked the library director if I could go, if I should sign up, and she said to just come. She knows how much I like participating in Pride events, so I’m thankful I was welcomed. The story time will be taking place outside. I’m thankful for the library in general.

I’m also thankful for family and friends. What are you grateful for today?

Lock of Hope and Roller Skating with Pride (Photo Entry)

The last time I went roller skating was last month and as I was walking to dinner, I passed the Fence of Hope. I decided I wanted to add a lock and on Friday, I ordered one from Amazon to add to the fence on Saturday. I added the lock before I went roller skating.

As I walked over the River Rink, everyone loved my skirt and got so many positive comments. That made me happy. The positive comments continued on the skating rink.

It was a fun day and can’t wait to go roller skating again this weekend!

Philadelphia Film Society is now Opened!

Last Thursday I noticed that the PFS was having a Spring Movie Festival all weekend and into this week, they were re-opening. I decided to go see In the Heights on Saturday and before I bought a ticket, I asked if they were opened for good now. So far, so good. I renewed my membership and it felt so good to be back! The staff is so friendly.

I saw my last movie there before the pandemic. This was my first mainstream movie back. In the Heights was an awesome movie and I would recommend it. I’ll do a review at a later date, but it felt so good to be back at the Film Center!

Thankful Thursday 10 June 2021

So, today is a special day. Why? 13 years ago today I graduated from high school and 3 years ago today I officially came out as ace and on the arospec during Pride 30. I was surrounded by loving people at Pride; total strangers hugged me and shrouded me in love. I then came out to friends and started acting true to myself. It was a freeing day.

I’m grateful that it still continues to be freeing, although there are still some difficulties. After what happened on 7 November 2013, I still fear it at times, but I embrace those fears and I do protect myself too.


Me in 2018, after the Pride parade ended.

I was going to write a gratitude rap, almost like what Melissa VillaSenor did on Saturday night. However, I didn’t get a chance to and I might work on it on Sunday. I’m grateful Pride is going smoothly so far. I missed my Synagogue’s Pride Shabbat last Friday, but they continue to hold Pride events (online). I am grateful that my Synagogue welcomes LGBTQIA+ families and that the one Rabbi is allowed to be one as a Lesbian. It’s beautiful when a religion is so welcoming.

I’m grateful that Pulse is going to me a landmark that is memorialized and I’m grateful that Pride is slowly getting back again. I’m glad that celebrations are still online.

We had nasty storms last night and it was cloudy this morning. I went out for a walk at 5:30 AM and while I didn’t see the full ring of fire because of clouds and trees, I was able to see the lighting. So beautiful and I’m grateful for the experience.

I’m also grateful for friends and family. What are you grateful for today?

Melissa VillaSenor | 5 June 2021

I saw Melissa Villa Senor on Saturday night and had a blast. Her comedy show had me in stitches. The opening acts were funny, but I loved Melissa’s wholesome comedy. Comedy that made me feel good while laughing. I wasn’t allowed to take photos or videos during the show, but I took a selfie beforehand and I printed out the digital ticket for my Happiness Box.

I’m thankful for the older couple I met while waiting for the trolley to go back to Center City to catch the bus home. The couple said, “you would be safer getting off where we get off and catching the 48 to 13th and Market. We’ll wait with you.” Sure enough, they did, made sure I was safely on the bus too. I’m incredibly grateful for their kindness.

Best Friend Day 2021

I didn’t realize it, but today is Best Friend Day. Thanks to Kermit and Fozzie, I was set right this morning!

Most of us choose our friends based on similar interests and hobbies. However, some of these friends don’t turn into best friends. Why? How come our best friends become our best friends? They tend to be by our sides through thick and thin. We can count on our besties and they can count on us.

I’m grateful for my best friends and I’m sure all of you are too! I am thankful for Christina, Anna, Chris, James, Mary, and people that are slowly but surely becoming friends in the groups I’ve joined.

Spring Shabbat with RSJ Philly | 4 June 2021

For Friday’s Shabbat, we ate sea bass with asparagus and I brought gluten-free challah. I love the RSJ Group and their new resident is from Sheepshead Bay, which is near Brighton Beach. I mentioned I was going there this summer (still have to make reservations) and we chatted. She was really nice.

Also met David, a musician originally from the Ukraine. He’s a copywriter that travels the world. So, I spent a lot of time chatting with him. David is also a musician and he performed a Russian song for us. He called it, “Little Worm Vasily.” I would love to learn Russian some day; I might have to ask him to teach me.

I was so happy that my group agreed to a Shabbat selfie for the Happiness Box. I’m getting it printed for my Happiness Box, but I’m thinking about ordering a copy for framed collage I’m making for my room.

Thankful Thursday 3 June 2021

June already?! Where has this year gone? Today has been a year since we had that derecho that brought down two trees and knocked our power out for 3 days. Mom and dad were away, so Aunt Marie let me stay until our power came back on. Mom and dad came home early, she invited them too, but they stayed with the house. I’m still grateful for Aunt Marie.

Now, 3 June 2021 gratitude. Today is Christina’s 30th birthday and I’m so grateful for her friendship. Once it’s safe to meet up again, we’re going to do so. She’s been having an amazing birthday and I’m so happy for her.

I’ve started listening to WRTI again and radio host Josh Jackson has grown on me. He welcomes e-mails like Gregg, but doesn’t respond. Maybe one day! I’ve been listening throughout the day and I’m glad I got back into my WRTI groove. Josh doesn’t read the sunset times like Gregg did, but maybe one day. Maybe I’ll ask him. I’m a member of the station after all…

…yesterday, Kevin Gordon played my classical request. Midsummer Nocturne by Copland and I was so verklempt that they played my request! I didn’t get a chance to make the jazz request, but jazz is from 6pm-6am, so I don’t listen to jazz that much. Maybe next week I’ll request some Ella Fitzgerald.

I’m thankful for friends and family as well. What are you grateful for today?