Menorah Lighting Ceremony | Night 3 | Rittenhouse Square | 20 December 2022

Yesterday evening I ventured into Philadelphia for the Jewish Federation’s Menorah lighting ceremony. This was the first time we could properly meet and it felt great to see people after three years.

Before I made my way to Rittenhouse Square, I noticed one of the shops was all decorated for the holidays. I asked a woman walking by if she could take some photos for me. She happily obliged.

I was a half an hour early and that was okay. I took some photos of Rittenhouse Square all decked out for the holidays. One of the Rabbis arrived early to test the sterno cans to make sure they would light. He was a joy to chat with for a bit.

Then the band started to trickle in.

The event started promptly at 5 PM.

I loved these two talks by two different Rabbis last night at the Menorah lighting ceremony in Philadelphia. It was perfect for Winter Solstice and applies more to the Northern Hemisphere; many religions use light this time of year to welcome back the longer days.

Hanukkah is a festival of light. Light and love that illuminates the darkness. I didn’t capture this one speech, but this one Rabbi said that we should all be inclusive of one another, we each carry light and it adds to our light.

I’m not verklempt, you’re verklempt.

Then after the talks, the Rabbi led us in prayer as he lit the Menorah. I love the blessing and had to record it.

After the Menorah was lit, the kids chorus began to sing. It was 25 degrees, so the singing and dancing was needed.

Before I left, I asked Rabbi Goldstein, Rabbi Maderer and the president of the Jewish Museum if I could get a photo with them. They agreed.

One of the attendees wanted us to say “Happy Hanukkah” and that’s what I’m saying in a few of the photos.

What a great way to celebrate the 3rd night of Hanukkah. It really was nice to see everyone again.

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One thought on “Menorah Lighting Ceremony | Night 3 | Rittenhouse Square | 20 December 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m happy to see that you could physically attend the Menorah Lighting Ceremony this year after two years of having to endure zoom sessions made necessary by the pandemic lockdown . 25 degrees is mighty cold, but I for one would have felt invigorated by it and by the marvelous ceremony conducted in the beautifully decorated Rittenhouse Square. There are more terrific pictures in this post. I particularly like the one of you posing on the steps by the giant wreaths, the one of you posing directly in front of the huge tree and the group shots of you posing with Rabbi Goldstein, Rabbi Maderer and the president of the Jewish Museum. I have always enjoyed candlelight services in general. There is something magical and deeply moving about candle light piercing the darkness. I enjoyed the inspiring speeches and the music and dancing. I am so glad you were able to attend.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM, and may you have the happiest of holidays this year. You are richly deserving.


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