Holidays with David, Chris, and Verne | 11 December 2022

I had every intention to post this last week, but with being in court since I was helping with a trial, I was exhausted. Blogging took a back seat.

On 11 December 2022, David and I ventured to Broomall to see Chris and Verne. These two are part of my village, they wanted to see me for the holidays and they wanted to meet David. Chris made us soups and I brought the gluten-free Brazilian rolls (Verne is also gluten-free).

When we arrived, Chris and Verne welcomed us and sat us in the living room. While I showed Chris a picture of the bracelet that David gave me on Facebook earlier in the week, I wanted to show her in person. While Verne was making the tea, I pulled up my sleeve and said, “Look what David gave me.”

Chris was delighted and walked over to put my wrist under the lamp. She cooed, “it’s beautiful.”

I replied, I was verklempt at this point, “it truly is. This was such a surprise and a special one at that. This bracelet belonged to David’s mom and this is the most special gift of all.”

David told us all about his mom, which I’m glad he shared. I talked about Nan and I’m glad I shared. Chris and Verne were happy to hear our stories. We then decided to have soup and the rolls.

After soup, rolls, and discussions, Chris brought us downstairs to show us the blankets she crocheted. She used to sell them, but no longer does, and likes to give them as gifts. She let us choose.

David chose the psychedelic one and I chose the pastel rainbow blanket. It was fuzzy yarn and so comfy. I love fluffy yarn.

David and I ventured back upstairs, and we decided to exchange gifts. Chris and Verne lost their dear friend back in September. He was 97. Chris sent me a group photo and I made a bag on Shutterfly for her. I also gave them a Trader Joe’s gift card.

David and I won’t be exchanging gifts until after the holidays, but since he surprised me with his mom’s bracelet, I thought I’d give him a little surprise. In November 2021, I bought a mug at the doctor’s office (yes, my doctor’s office has a gift shop) that says, “admit it, life would be boring without me.” I thought that would be the perfect surprise, along with some green teas from the Head Nut. David thoroughly enjoyed my surprise.

Before we left, we decided to do a photoshoot. Now that was fun. No stories necessary, the pictures are worth a 10,000 words each.

We shared a lot of laughs and I can’t wait to scrapbook these photos. We left at around 5:30, it was a nice 3 hours with Chris and Verne. They all got along great and they liked each other.

Before David dropped me off at home, I took a selfie of us showing off the bracelet. I’m beyond grateful. This was such a lovely day shared with very special people.

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One thought on “Holidays with David, Chris, and Verne | 11 December 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I can’t get over how great these sets of pictures turned out, dear friend! They are a pleasure to view. Thanks for showing us highlights of your and David’s visit with friends Chris and Verne in Broomall. They look like fine folks. I know they must be in pain having lost a 97 year old friend a few months ago. Their kindness and generosity are on display here as they welcomed you and David over for soup and rolls and good conversation. I watch Mrs. Shady crochet every evening as we watch TV together, and therefore I know how much time and work goes into those blankets Chris made. It was awfully big of her to let you and David each choose one as your very own, a splendid Christmas present for each of you from her. The series of pics in which David opened the box and examined the mug you gave him is delightful. Chris and Verne have a lovely home and I admire their Christmas tree. The group 4-shot is simply sensational – a real keeper.

    You got a super closeup of the bracelet David gave you that once belonged to his mom. I can easily understand why and how you are verklempt considering all the joy you are experiencing with David and others.

    Thanks for taking me along to see Chris and Verne. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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