Thankful Friday, Indeed: Friday with Tommy (29 July 2022)

On Friday morning, I woke up earlier than Tommy per usual. I cuddled with him for a little bit, but at 9:30 I decided to scrapbook a little. I spread out on my half of the bed, as Tommy snoozed.

After 45 minutes, I decided to stretch my legs and I walked downstairs. I saw the two cats and the big fat black cat followed me back to our room. He was interested in scrapbooking. I decided to e-mail our host, to ask about the cats’ names. She replied: all black cat is Kentae, and the Tuxedo cat is Taemar. Kentae became my best friend and scrapbooking buddy. Kentae also loved Tommy.

Taemar liked us too, but he was more skittish than Kenta. It took him some time to warm up and he mostly stayed downstairs.

We finally ventured out at 12:30. We went food shopping to get ingredients for dinner, as well as some other snacks. Friday night date night in. Since we are trying to save some money, I’ve been cooking for our get-togethers. I was going to make us gluten-free quesadillas.

Tommy decided to build a little stove for us to take to Darby Creek. I loved watching him build it. Kentae did as well.

After Tommy finished, we took the trolley to Drexeline and walked to Darby Creek. We went swimming and built a campfire.

When it started to rain, we went back to our Air BNB. I cooked us dinner and Tommy really enjoyed it. He said, “you really love to cook, don’t you?” He smiled when I said, “yes and I love cooking for you. Can’t wait to do this on a more full-time basis.”

We met the other guests that were staying in Nicole’s Air BNB. They both commented how delicious my quesadillas smelled. I offered to cook them some, but they already had dinner.

After that chat, Tommy and I went to our room. I asked him to contribute to the sn@p album I’m making of our March Brigantine/A.C. weekend. He said, “babe, you know I’m not a strong writer.” I asked him to dictate his story to me and as he massaged my back, I wrote down his story. I had him read it when he was done and he was impressed.

Kentae then joined us for selfies and movie night.

Tommy and I watched Carnival of Souls first. This was his first time seeing that movie and he enjoyed it. He found the colourized version of Night of the Living Dead. I watched the first 35 minutes, but was feeling tired and fell asleep.

Thankful Friday, indeed. It’s amazing to have Tommy’s love, and the love of both Kentae and Taemar.

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One thought on “Thankful Friday, Indeed: Friday with Tommy (29 July 2022)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Don’t look now, dear friend, but every day of the week is becoming a Thankful day now that Tommy’s in your life. I’m excited to see how that coal black kitty, Kentae, warmed up to you and Tommy, hopped in bed and wanted to help with the scrapbooking. Our cat Boots is black with white booties and a white patch on his chest. His original name as a neighborhood stray was Tuxedo, but I renamed him Boots and nicknamed him Bootsie Wootsie. You guys found a lovely spot at Darby Creek and collected some great pictures to promote reminiscing for years to come. That campfire looks inviting. It looks like a good spot to tell ghost stories around the fire. I get that you are an excellent cook and I can tell that you pleased Tommy’s palate with the dinner you made that evening. It’s a cool idea to have Tommy dictate his thoughts and have you transcribe them so that you can both read them back. I never saw the colorized version of Night Of The Living Dead. I have seen the black & white original around ten times.

    Yessum, it was indeed a Thankful Friday with Tommy and two friendly cats by your side. Life is good. Enjoy it.

    I have a new post coming tomorrow morning and you are invited to come see it during its 5-day run. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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