Thankful Thursday, Indeed: Time Spent with Tommy (28 July 2022)

I took Thursday and Friday off to spend some time with my love. We decided to get an Air BNB in Drexel Hill; and I’m glad Air BNB didn’t catfish us! The room looked as it was listed. I arrived at 3 PM and was greeted by a big black cat, and a tuxedo cat. I fell instantly in love.

Tommy didn’t arrive until 3:45 PM and I loved playing with the cats until he arrived. The cats loved my company, too. Once Tommy walked through the door, we embraced. After a week and a half of not seeing each other, it felt great. I asked him how work was going, how it felt to get a first paycheck, and the excitement of starting a new job. I told him what was going on at my jobs.

Gosh, I love him and was so thankful to be able to take a mini vacation with him for a few days.

At 6 PM, we went to dinner. Tommy used to work at Pica’s and since they now have gluten-free pizza options, I seconded. Drexel Hill was only a 10 minute Uber ride from Pica’s in Upper Darby. Unlike the first time we went at the end of February, it wasn’t crowded. Probably because it was a weeknight and people are away. Tommy and I were seated right away.

I ordered a fruit spritzer and a gluten-free mushroom pizza; he ordered a Shirley Temple and a large pepperoni pizza. Tommy told me some more stories from when he worked at Pica’s, especially the basement that looks like a dungeon. I would love to see it because I can only imagine.

After Pica’s, we decided to go bowling. Tommy wanted to go to Wynnewood Lanes in Haverford. Unfortunately, when we arrived, leagues were going on and we couldn’t bowl until 9:30 PM. It was 8:15. We decided to stay and watch the leagues. During one of the games, one of the bowlers scored a 298, an almost perfect score. I asked if I could take a photo and he agreed. That started a dialog and he turned out to be friendly. He chatted with us until their game was over.

He talked us into joining a league in the future. Tommy and I will think about it, of course, because it’ll depend on work schedules. We were called over and a lane opened up. Needless to say, I need a lot of bowling practice! Tommy did well.

We bowled until 10:15. We beat the rain storms, and we headed back to Drexel Hill with the stars shining brightly. We held hands and we talked more about joining a league. It would be a great way to spend time together, and learn as well.

When Tommy and I got back to the Air BNB and after a shower, I showed him the black and white film photos from the Pride Parade in June, our nature walk in mid-June, and our Atlantic City trip for my birthday. He smiled as he looked through them, which made my heart smile too. Baymax was also on and you know how much I love Baymax.

Here are some of the film photos:

This is why I take photos and scrapbook. I love sharing the memories. We ended the evening watching Baymax, then we said our I love you’s and went to bed.

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday, Indeed: Time Spent with Tommy (28 July 2022)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Thanks for reporting on last week’s TT date with Tommy. You guys are racking up a lot of good times on road trips, and that makes me happy. As I told you, Mrs. S. and I were in Philly and on the boardwalk at Rehoboth a couple of weeks ago. You know that your Air BNB stay is off to a great start when the room looks the same as the advertisement and a couple of friendly kitties greet you. I’m so glad you had some xtra time to bond with them. It was cool that Tommy used to work at a Pica’s and that you found an uncrowded one within a reasonable distance. I’m always on the lookout for a place that makes good pizza. It’s hard to find such places down here, but up your way they are plentiful. I want that pie of yours all for myself! Please ship it down to me! 🙂

    So cool that you went to a bowlerama and saw a guy roll a 298! At Penn State, I once rolled a 289. It would be nice if you and Tommy could join a bowling league.

    Yessum, you and Tommy have a growing collection of photographs taken during good times you’ve shared. Reviewing them occasionally, glancing back through them, reinforces the happiness of the original experience and strengthens your bond. You guys have “history.”

    Thanks again for sharing the joy of your latest mini vacay with Tommy, dear friend JM. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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