Thankful Thursday 14 November 2019

Happy National Teddy Bear Day, dear readers! This special day falls on a very thankful day, which I find as no coincidence! I am thankful for Wesley and all of my teddy bears. They’ve made the years cuddly and fun.

Yesterday, I showed one of my co-workers at my full-time job the layout I did for my self-care day last Thursday. She works in the IT department and I was telling her what I was making for my Happiness Box last Friday. She also scrapbooks and wanted to see it, if I was comfortable sharing (I told her it was a difficult anniversary and I was taking the day to take care of myself). I told her I would love to share it before I put it into my Box.

She was working from home on Monday and Tuesday, so I kept the page on my desk. She was in yesterday. At lunch she came over to my desk and I shared my scrapbook page with her. She LOVED the pages, and I gave her some ideas in regards to her scrapbooks. Her son is a writer, artist, and traveler, and is tattooed as well, we chatted tattoos too (she works in IT, so she isn’t). She told me she was sorry about what happened to me 6 years ago, but she admires my attitude and how I chose to “celebrate” the day instead of mourn. She thought that was brave, and strong. You know, I am grateful and I am grateful that I work with some awesome and thoughtful people at my full-time job. Sometimes I get so ashamed of sharing my story, but I am beginning to own my story because I am finding that it is inspiring to others.

There are some days where I feel self-conscious about my weight. I have lost 40 lbs already, but I am finding the love handles as hard to get rid of. I know a lot of it is related to stress and I’ve been reading that yoga helps. One of my library co-workers swears by it and I was chatting with her yesterday. I told her about the love handle dilemma and I was thinking of joining a yoga meetup to lose it. She said to me, “Jess, you’ve trimmed down tremendously and you look great! Don’t go into a program with the mindset of a quick weight loss regiment, think of it as something you’re committing to for the rest of your life and your overall health.” She is right and I’m also beautiful. I am doing well with hypothyroidism and I have actually lost on the gluten-free diet. I am also healthy and honestly, my overall health is the most important. I am beautiful inside and outside. I am thankful for my library co-workers too.

Terry also gave me a pair of gloves tonight! She overheard me tell Mrs. Davenport yesterday that Walgreens didn’t sell them and I would have to buy them in the city when I go on Friday night. Tonight Terry surprised me with the beautiful gloves.

I’m also thankful for dad. He takes me to Starbucks and the train in the morning; I’m thankful for all that he does for me, to make life somewhat easier. I found my cat hat this morning and everyone at Starbucks loved it. I received a lot of compliments when I walked through the door this morning.


My tattoo is healing nicely. I am going to write a thank you note for Doug and mail it to the shop. I am going to thank him for making the day and experience so special, and also thank him for taking photos. I’m still over the moon and thankful for the kindness Olde City Tattoo showed me last week.

What are you thankful for?

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6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday 14 November 2019”

  1. Hi Jess! I hope you had a wonderful selfcare day. Your pages are beautiful! Scrap booking has been one of my favorite ways to share stories and experiences. It is so nice that you were able to share your story with your co-worker. It is nice to reflect and talk about the past with supportive people.
    40 lbs is a lot to let go of and a tremendous accomplishment. I also struggle with love handles. I remind myself that for nearly a decade my fluff and love handles were like my armor protecting me. Now that healing is taking place it is a process to let go.
    I have found that yoga, meditation, staying hydrated, and getting enough fiber helps. Keep up the great work and continue to celebrate you wins and your progress. You are doing great things, my friend!

    ❀ Alana


    1. Hi Alana,

      So, mom gave me her old fitbit and last night I was tracking everything. Apparently, I’m burning more calories than I am consuming. I’m wondering if that’s why I’ve lost weight, but the stress of thinking I’m eating too much is what is contributing to the midsection. Since I have celiac disease and hypothyroidism, I’m thinking about hiring a nutritionist in the new year. I want to make sure I’m making nutritious choices and my gastro wants to test me soon to make sure I’m getting enough vitamins since I have celiac disease.

      I think yoga will help too! This weekend I’m going to sit down and look at different meet ups. I was also thinking of taking karate; I’ve heard that is amazing too. πŸ™‚

      ❀ Jessica

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      1. Hi Jessica!
        That is awesome that you found out that you are burning more than you are consuming! You could be onto something because stress definitely produces cortisol which helps us to retain that annoying belly fat (I am struggling with that myself.)

        Hiring a nutritionist sounds like a great way to make sure you are on the right track and getting the nutrients you need. There is so much that goes into getting proper nutrition for our own bodies so having someone right there to help you customize a system that works well for you would be a nice investment πŸ™‚

        You should definitely check out a Karate class when you can. I have been thinking of taking some form of self-defense myself. I have heard that it helps with confidence, stress reduction, and would be a useful skill. Keep me updated. I am cheering you on!

        ❀ Alana


      2. Thank you, Alana. The past few days have been difficult with my full-time job. I’m definitely thinking of a change in 2020, and possibly taking a deep breath, move, and find something I love in a new city. I’m stressed about it, but I have to remember that this is temporary. πŸ™‚

        However, I know that I need my health to do all of this, so health comes first and taking care of my body in the process is still priority. It’s not easy at times, but I know what happens when I don’t care for my body and that derails goals. I learned that one the hard way… so exercise and nutrition come first.

        Thanks again.

        ❀ Jessica


  2. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Happy TT and happy National Teddy Bear Day, dear friend! I’m glad your scrapbooking co-worker took an interest in your self care layout. She is correct. By choosing to celebrate the sixth anniversary of that dark day instead of falling victim all over again to the guy who hurt you and spending the day in despair, you helped yourself and you became an inspiration to others. Mrs. Shady goes to yoga classes and enjoys them. One is held in a “sweat lodge” atmosphere with the room temp set very high. I agree with your library co-worker. There is no quick fix for weight loss and body shaping. Adopt a healthier lifestyle and the pounds and love handles will come off eventually. What a friend you have in Terry! She overheard you saying you needed gloves and surprised you with a pair. Wear them in good health. Kudos to your dad for providing transportation when you need it and to the gang at Starbucks for letting you know they like your cat hat. I’m happy to know your new tat is healing. It will be a nice gesture on your part to send Doug a thank you note for a job well done.

    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend, dear friend JM!


    1. Hi Tom,

      So, mom gave me her old fitbit and last night I was tracking everything. Apparently, I’m burning more calories than I am consuming. I’m wondering if that’s why I’ve lost weight, but the stress of thinking I’m eating too much is what is contributing to the midsection. In the new year, I’m going to start seeing a nutritionist.

      Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend.


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