Christmas 2020

This morning after we opened gifts and had breakfast, I sat and watched Being ___ at Christmas . I had a great time listening to the music, learning blessings in Ladino (it’s like Spanish, but it’s what the Sephardic Jews speak), and listening to mindful meditation.

Before dinner, Aunt Kathy and Kaitlyn stopped by. AUNT KATHY GAVE ME A HANUKKAH CARD! Well, it was a Christmas one, but she included, “Happy Hanukkah, my sweet niece!” I’m verklempt. She asked me about my journey and I said, “I tell people ‘I’m thinking about it’ because it’s a process and I want to take my time with it. Take off the pressure a bit.”

I tend to be a Grinch when I’m anxious and I’m anxious for naught. When I am open and honest with people, good things happen. It may be awkward at first, but they can acknowledge what I actually celebrate.

I’m crying tears of joy. I was actually getting choked up when she visited and I was telling her about people who sent me Hanukkah gifts. I’m getting choked up now because I’m very joyful about the kindness this year.

We had a lovely dinner of prime rib and a gluten-free ginger bread cake. So good! Then after, I took photos.

Dad loved his Linda Randstadt album. Dad loved his Matisyahu CD too. Miracles has been my favourite song this Hanukkah/Christmas season and can’t wait to listen with dad. I also loved the gifts my British friends sent me. I’m grateful for them all.

Christmas is a holiday for family. While I do not celebrate, I celebrate it as a time for family, togetherness, and love. I’m grateful this year and today was filled with a lot of love.

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Creator of the Happiness Box Project Initiative, a project where you write your happiness or gratitude each day, then open the box in the New Year. The Initiative is to teach joy and gratitude, to pass it on to others.

One thought on “Christmas 2020”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Looks like you had a splendid Christmas, dear friend! Music and meditation are what the world needs now. It was so nice of your Aunt Kathy and Kaitlyn to pay your family a visit and kind of Kathy and Dave to offer love and encouragement on their greeting card by wishing you a Happy Hanukkah. Now I’m all verklempt, too!

    I’m excited to learn that your dad loved the Linda Ronstadt G.H. album you picked out for him at Retro. I knew he would. I urge you to have that listening session with your dad. It will do you both good. Nice of your British friends to remember you with gifts as well. The pictures tell the story of your family’s celebration of Christmas 2020, a day of love and togetherness. Even your kitty looks happy as he prepares to open presents. 🙂

    My annual gala – New Year’s Rockin’ Eve in the Shady – is now underway. Get on board the Friendship Train. Shake a hand and make a friend.

    Enjoy your weekend, dear friend JM!


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