Kosher Escarole Soup


year for Thanksgiving and during the winter, Nan would make Escarole soup or Italian Wedding Soup. I looked forward to it every holiday.

Well, since I’ve gone Kosher and I have to eat gluten-free, I decided to make my own rendition of Escarole Soup.



I used a combination of these two. Nan was Italian and used the non kosher. I used the kosher for the meat balls (but GF breadcrumbs). Then I used escarole for the greens. Didn’t use the cheese or egg strand at all since that’s not kosher. Nan also didn’t put pasta in the soup, like Giada doesn’t. I think the pasta is an American thing.

I can’t wait to have this on Friday!

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One thought on “Kosher Escarole Soup”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I awoke at 5 am today to find that our internet service was out. It has just now been restored.

    Thanks for showing me various recipes for Italian Wedding Soup and Escarole Soup. I’m the type of person who would let everybody else eat the meatballs and simply enjoy the noodles and broth. Therefore your soup recipe is the one I think I’d like best. It seems like a healthier choice and is sure to warm your innards on a cold winter day. I will be sure to show this post to Mrs. Shady and beg her to make a kettle of this soup for me.

    I know you are having many bittersweet memories of Nan who was a tremendously positive influence in your life. She will always be remembered thanks to you and the stories you tell about her here and elsewhere.

    I’m a little blue today as I am every year at this time. My dad collapsed on Christmas Eve 2001 and died Christmas Day. Ironically, his father, my grandfather, also died Christmas Day. (So did George Michael of Wham!)

    Merry Christmas to you and your folks, dear friend JM!


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