Thankful Friday


Tomorrow is the big day and I’m so grateful that the Post Office was opened today! I received a really sweet card from Kathleen; it made me verklempt.


I decided to go to the King of Prussia Mall today to pick up some clothing items. Some clothing items I don’t like to buy online, especially when it comes to fitting. After I bought what I needed at Nordstrom’s, I decided to see what I could get for my birthday tomorrow. I went into a few shops, didn’t buy anything, until I went into the Rock Shop. I bought two ICP CDs, and a Nine Inch Nails CD. ICP’s Bizarre has a game board to it and I think I’m going to play it for my birthday tomorrow. I won’t take the dice apart, I’ll use my own. The game looks interesting.

The Rock Shop always has ICP albums and I buy one or two each time I go in there. I always enjoy how ICP and Twiztid includes interactive content in their older albums. Bizarre was released in 2000 and between 1994-2004, those were the golden ages of ICP and Twiztid albums. I like their new material, but I especially love their older material. I’m an older Juggalette, though.

Before I ordered Lyft, a kiosk cornered me and did my hair. The guy pressured me to buy the iron, kept taking $10 off and each time I stood my ground, “no.” He eventually took “no” as the answer and I left without spending $120 on something I didn’t need. I once bought the iron and it wasn’t for me. Irons can be damaging to the hair; I don’t even blow dry my hair, I let it dry naturally. The only time I have my hair blown dry or straightened is when I go to the salon, every once in a while. Back in 2014, I couldn’t say no and I think when I was selling things for Canada, someone bought the iron for $10 or maybe I donated it? I can’t remember, but I didn’t want it and I was proud of myself for saying, “no” and sticking to it.


Every year for my birthday, I donate a little something to a charity close to my heart: Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary. Tomorrow I will donate food and other needs they have posted on their Amazon wish list. I’m also going to donate a little something to another charity that became close to my heart last year: William Way Center. Since they provided me with therapy and a safe space for me to be my asexual self, I can use their counseling services in October again, and provide me with community, I want to donate $15 to them.

I was going to share a Pride play list the other night, but didn’t get a chance. Since I can’t keep calm that it’s almost my birthday, I will end this entry with high energy Pride anthems. Enjoy!








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One thought on “Thankful Friday”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Yep, tomorrow’s your big day and I am all verklempt for you. I hope your birthday is everything you want it to be given the realities of COVID restrictions. (That’s a fashionable mask you’re wearing in that shot.) How nice of Kathleen to send you a card. You received it just in time. It’s funny that you bought two ICP CDs at Rock Shop given that you and I were just joking about them being connected to Puddles Pity Party. Did you know that Nine Inch Nails is Mrs. Shady’s favorite band? It’s true. Every year during the 4th of July holiday Mrs. S and I watch the epic movie Gettysburg which we very highly recommend. It runs about 4 hours so you need to carve out a long afternoon to watch it. I am proud of you for standing firm and not letting yourself get high pressured into buying that hair styling iron. Part of the money you saved was generously donated to charities that helped you and have special meaning to you. Giving back to the community is an important aspect of good citizenship. Wow, what a great Pride play list! I have a draft in the planning stages in which I post recordings that contain the most exciting peak moments in pop music history. One of them occurs at the second chorus of “Dancing Queen” when the excitement meter is absolutely pegged, causing my eyes to roll back in my head because of the intense feeling produced by the two women singing in harmony. Another blog friend posted that Gloria Gaynor video a couple of weeks ago. Until then I had never heard the song sound so HQ crisp, the bassline so tight, and had never seen it in such brilliant HD clarity. It’s a wonderful restoration! I have found around 5 different performances of Dead of Alive doing their signature song and I will be posting three of them at Shady’s Place over time. I knew the songs by Gaga and Katy, but the ones by RuPaul and Lizzo are new to me. Me likey!

    For the second time, I will wish you a very happy birthday, dear friend JM!


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