Brighton Beach / Coney Island | Day 3: Auf Wiedersehen | 4 April 2023

Tuesday was check out day and we checked out at 10:30 AM. That morning I found the Steeplechase Pier and meditated for a while. I brought David back, we took some photos and sat in meditation before we left.

We were going to go to DUMBO, but I didn’t realize it was DUMBO Heights since I’m used to taking transit in Brooklyn and Manhattan, so Google maps led us over the Manhattan Bridge. We couldn’t get back to DUMBO Heights and we walked China Town instead. We could see the Brooklyn Bridge from one of the parks in China Town and I took some lovely photos.

Unfortunately, David and I got stuck in Trump traffic and we saw some of the rallies as David was trying to get out of Manhattan. It took us about an hour to get out of Manhattan since a lot of the roads were closed because of the Trump mess. We were both relieved when we got out of Manhattan. We stopped in New Jersey at a rest stop to eat. We arrived back to David’s at 2:30 and I hung out with David and Erich for a few hours. We told Erich about our trip, then we relaxed. David let me play Persona 5 for a couple of hours, then we watched Fairy Tale.

It was a wonderful trip and David enjoyed his early birthday gift. He turns 30 on 26 April and I’m going to make him a sn@pbook of our trip for his birthday. We both took off on the 26th and Erich’s mom is taking us out to dinner. Then on 30 April, I’m ordering Mission BBQ and inviting a few of his friends. Nothing too big, as he likes to keep things simple, but it’s also something special since he’s turning 30. This party isn’t a surprise, but the trip sure was.

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2 thoughts on “Brighton Beach / Coney Island | Day 3: Auf Wiedersehen | 4 April 2023”

  1. Fab
    This was such a lovely post! I enjoyed reading about your trip and the places you visited. It sounds like you and David had a great time, and I think it’s such a sweet idea to make him a sn@pbook of the trip for his birthday. My question is, did you get to visit any other places besides the ones you mentioned in the post? If yes, could you share more about them? Thanks!


  2. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I like that you have discovered the healing power of meditation, dear friend, and that you took time to do so on Steeplechase Pier. I also like how you and David turned a “busted play” into a big gain by going with Plan B and exploring China Town. It looks like a charming district – well worth seeing. I’m sorry you guys got bogged down in Trump traffic and demonstrations, but remember that while you were enjoying sunny skies, he was experiencing Stormy weather. 🙂 I’m happy to learn that you made the trip back to David’s problem free, chilled there for a while and told his roomie about your adventure.

    I will say it again later, but right now I want to wish David a happy 30th birthday. I remember the day I turned 30. I hopped in my horse-drawn buggy and went for a spin. 🙂 I know David appreciated the surprise trip to Brighton Beach orchestrated by his Coney Island Baby. 🙂 I also know that you’ve got more fun and surprises up your sleeve and waiting to spring on him the rest of the month.

    Happy Thankful Thursday, dear friend JM!


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