Scrapbooking Date with David | 19 March 2023

Yesterday David and I had a scrapbooking date. We each diligently worked on a layout. He scrapped our New Year’s Day celebration and I scrapped some of the pictures from Xmas Eve at Aunt Kathy’s.

Scrapbooking worked up an appetite and I made us dinner: gluten-free shrimp tacos with cilantro and lime rice. We couldn’t forget the Bailey’s Irish Cream!

After our dinner, we ventured to Valley Forge Park before we went back to his house for a video game date. I didn’t feel like bringing my tripod, tried to get the Arch in selfie mode. It looks like we did capture some of the Arch in selfie mode.

Next time, I’ll bring my tripod and maybe we can go when more of the trees are in bloom. I’m beyond grateful for David’s patience.

We arrived at David’s house and he had Persona 5 loaded for me to play.
I was involved in a nightmare early last year and playing video games was often a point where that nightmare of a person would scream at me. I’m better at RPGs and David loaded something I could play with minimal help. Persona 5 was awesome and I can’t wait to play the game when I go over his house. I’ll have to find more RPGs.

Oh, Lucy also made an appearance. She warmed up to me, let me scritch her and kiss her tiny little head. She was purring up a storm. Lucy was David’s mom’s cat and I’m glad she loves me.

David initiated another scrapbook date next weekend with us working on one layout TOGETHER. I can’t wait to do that with him. Then after, we’ll go back to his house and I’ll play video games with him and Erich. We’re getting into each other’s hobbies and it’s so wonderful.

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One thought on “Scrapbooking Date with David | 19 March 2023”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    A scrapbooking date is a wonderful and unique idea that I’ll bet few couples ever thought of. I like how you and David took on different assignments and did layouts for separate events. It looks like you both had lots of fun being creative. As you worked, I’m sure you both enjoyed reliving those happy occasions that took place during the earlier stages of your relationship.

    Mrs. Shady likes to use cilantro in her recipes, and so I am familiar with its taste. If I had been there, I would have asked for a second helping of your yummy looking shrimp tacos and lime rice. It looks like you guys had VFP all to yourselves and captured some more tender, happy couple moments while there. Looks like it was a chilly day.

    In addition to the scrapbooking, which David must enjoy since he suggested another such date, I am happy to know that you are enjoying the games he and his friends like to play. Yessum, it is indeed a blessing that David’s mom’s kitty Lucy has warmed up to you and had her motor running while you petted her. I love to see pics of her.

    Thanks for the uplifting report on your latest round of activities with David. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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