Erich’s Birthday Weekend (4-5 March 2023)

Erich’s 29th birthday was Saturday, 4 March 2023. The original plan was seeing Erich on the 5th for his birthday dinner, then cake after. Since David took off on Saturday because of the Movie Tavern incident, I got to spend Erich’s birthday with him. I didn’t get photos of Erich opening his gifts, but he was surprised.

On Friday, I went to the Head Nut in Ardmore and picked up some coffee for him. He loves coffee. Before I ordered a reusable K-Cup, I asked David if he had one. David said that Erich did not. I ordered a reusable K-Cup on Amazon and it was delivered after I returned from the Head Nut.

I bought Erich French Vanilla, Snickerdoodle, and Coffee Liqueur and Cream coffees. I also picked up some Oolong tea for him.

On Saturday, I designed the gift bag. When David picked me up, we ran to Walmart and David picked up the Switch console that he wanted to get for Erich. We decided to put the Switch console in the bag with the coffees and tea. When Erich opened his gifts, he was pleasantly surprised.

On Sunday, we went to Volcano Hot Pot and BBQ in North Wales. It was our first time going, and at 6 PM, Erich, Justin, David and I had reservations. I’m glad I didn’t eat much of a breakfast and didn’t eat lunch because they charged $10 for anything that was left, no doggy bags. It was a buffet, so we had to portion out.

We left stuffed. David drove us to Norristown, where we picked up Devon, then we all went back to David’s house for video games. Before I left, we sang Happy Birthday to Erich. I made him a gluten-free birthday cake.

Last night David told me that Erich enjoyed everything and it was his best birthday ever. I also was told I’m now considered family. 

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One thought on “Erich’s Birthday Weekend (4-5 March 2023)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    That last sentence is key, dear friend. You have been accepted by David’s inner circle. That’s huge. It’s no wonder, though, because you go out of your way to make special occasions even more special for people, even people you don’t know very well. You gave Erich a wonderful 29th birthday – his best ever. The Head Nut in Ardmore looks like the bulk food store we have down here on the northside of our city. Mrs. Shady goes there regularly to shop for large quantities of cooking commodities, seeds, nuts, candies, coffee, and tea. That restaurant you guys went to looks tops. I would love to taste their exotic food. The pictures tell the tale of another successful outing and another big day planned and executed to perfection by you, with Erich receiving thoughtful gifts in festive wrapping and having a great time out and about. Your acceptance as a member of the family is richly deserved.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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