Just Because Gift

Last weekend David admitted to me that he never took pictures with his mama and he never took pictures of her. Before he dated me, he never really thought about photography and he often hated having photos taken. Since we are planning a future together, I want our future home to be filled with photos. I want to have a picture of Nan and I hanging up, and I wanted to have a picture of David and his mama to hang up, so that is why I asked.

My friend suggested making a photo for him and surprise him. Since David and his sister aren’t on speaking terms, I knew I needed to let David in on the surprise a bit. I borrowed his dad’s frame from his sister’s wedding day. The portrait has his mom and dad with his sister and her new husband. David had a photo with his sister posted and I could save it.

I can’t afford Photoshop, so I used Canva instead. I decided to create a brand new portrait for David. While it’s not perfect, I was worried about that he might think it was ugly. I reached out to some friends on Friday and they said, “Jess, it looks great for Canva. He’ll love it, especially since he doesn’t have a photo of him and his mom.” It looked better once I put it in the frame I picked up from Michaels.

I was planning on giving David his just because gift on Sunday, but we ended up seeing each other on Saturday. After an awful shift at the Movie Tavern on Friday night where lives were threatened, he took off. He needed the cheer. Absolutely loved it. David has the photo on his nightstand. He cried happy tears. He needed that.

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One thought on “Just Because Gift”

  1. Wow… just wow… Jessica Marie. That was a very special gesture and a tremendous surprise for David! If my waterworks are turned on right now, I can easily understand how he felt when you gave him that framed portrait of him side by side with his mom. You did a wonderful job. It reminds me of a composite my father had a photography studio make of our family years after my mother died. The group shot includes her, and nobody would ever be able to tell that she and all the rest of us weren’t there together that day posing for it. It really is a shame that David never had a picture taken with his mother, but you certainly gave him the next best thing, and it’s a keeper, something he will cherish the rest of his life. You guys have a great thing going. I am verklempt!

    Have wonderful week, dear friend JM!


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