Harrisburg with David | Part II | JD Lovedraft (10 February) | Saturday Morning (11 February)

The metal show was at JD Lovedraft in Downtown Harrisburg. JD Lovedraft was also awesome. I had no intention of moshing and David was trying to be careful of his sprain, but we both got pulled in during Casket Maker’s performance and definitely during Flesh of the Lotus. It got nuts during Flesh of the Lotus. I was trampled on, I was kicked in the knees, I was punched, and punched in the chest. My chest is still a little sore. However, David and I both laughed and said, “it wouldn’t be a metal show if we didn’t mosh.” Since things got crazy during Flesh of the Lotus, a wet floor cone went flying and a group of people wouldn’t calm down. I was on alert. We left after Ground, we had enough.

I loved watching David head bang and mosh. Although, when it got rougher, he almost got dragged into a punching match; I pulled him out. He was grateful for me.

Flesh of the Lotus… you can see the pit getting wild.

We got back to the Air BNB and got ready for bed. Since it was well past midnight and since Saturday was Promise Day of Valentine’s Day week, I made my promise to him: that I will always take care of him and love him unconditionally. He made a similar promise to me: he’ll take care of me, protect me, and love my unconditionally. David also told me that he’s going to be doing a lot of firsts with me as well: he’s not used to traveling and he can’t wait to travel with me. David and I will be doing firsts together. šŸ™‚ We happy cried in each others arms and just held onto one another.

Before we fell asleep, David said to me, “didn’t you want to get a selfie of our first sleep over?” I sent him a Catana comic earlier in the week where Catana’s husband takes a selfie of them cuddled up in bed and he makes it their phone’s wallpaper. I totally forgot, but David remembered. I hugged him and we took a selfie of our first sleepover, all cuddled up. He remembered and that says a lot! David knows me too well. I’m rubbing off on him, and David said it best, “I stole your heart as you stole mine.”

Saturday morning was much calmer. We had a nice breakfast at Yellow Bird Cafe before returning home. Me and an older woman sitting at the table next to us commented this one little girl and her red glasses. I know being different can be traumatic for children, so we both told her how pretty she looked in her red glasses, how sophisticated and fancy they were, and we asked her what good things the glasses brought her. She happily told us that she loves being able to see clearly when playing with friends and when reading. She smiled and we made her day.Ā Ā 

We made it back home at 1 PM. Lots of good memories made and I can’t wait to make the sn@p album. I ordered the 6 x 8 photos and 4 x 6 photos, I just have to order the 2 x 3 photos. I can’t wait to start.

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One thought on “Harrisburg with David | Part II | JD Lovedraft (10 February) | Saturday Morning (11 February)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I needed to seek more info about the cool place where you and David hung out. The name JB Lovedraft was no doubt inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, writer of weird, science, fantasy, and horror fiction. Their ad states: “JB Lovedraft’s features over 50 craft beers on tap, video games, live entertainment, and an eclectic pub food menu. Located at 225 N 2nd St. Harrisburg, PA.” I wish I had been there with you guys to soak up the atmosphere and watch and listen to Casket Maker and Flesh of the Lotus. Yessum, there was plenty of heavy doom and aggression on both sides of the stage, and the moshing got rough and rowdy, but if that’s your scene it is to be expected. I don’t know if I could have lasted as long as you guys did, given all the puncing, kicking and throwing of items through the air. I get enough of that at home with Mrs. Shady! šŸ™‚

    It’s an exciting and meaningful pledge for you and David to agree to experience firsts together. I know you will tell us about them as time goes by. That’s a lovely story about how you and David handed the conversation with the little girl wearing red glasses at Yellow Bird. Who knows that the ripple effect of your kindness will be?

    Yessum, it was an interesting, exciting and fun-filled trip to the state capital, and I’m happy for you. You and David made new memories, some preserved in pictures and others safely stored in your memory banks.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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