Harrisburg with David | Part I| 10 February 2023

Our first overnight trip was a success. We were nervous for naught and once we were on the road en route to Harrisburg, our nerves settled down.

 I was the navigation unit and once we got past the tolls, it was 78 miles of straight highway. David and I held hands for a bit, and chatted a lot. Heavy metal also was our soundtrack and his Spotify playlist played songs I haven’t listened to in a while.

We made it Harrisburg at 1:45 PM, and our Air BNB check in was at 2. We were able to check in early and both David and I were amazed with this house. As soon as you walked into the kitchen, there was an upstairs, but we quickly learned that past the living room was another stairwell, that stairwell would lead to our room on the third floor. 

Our room reminded me of a bridal suite. It was gorgeous, comfortable, warm, and cozy. They had a fan, which we turned on. David and I both like cooler rooms. The day bed was interesting and we ended up relaxing for a few hours.

After a quick nap, we took a walk by the river and took photos. Our Air BNB was directly across from the river and the views were awesome. I know Harrisburg can be iffy, but the area where we stayed was really nice. When we were walking to the River Trail, one of the barbers saw my camera and started posing for photos. I took two photos of him and we all chatted for a bit. David and I told him we were from King of Prussia and Bridgeport. He was originally from Philadelphia and will be visiting on Sunday for the Super Bowl.

Shady, I even took a special photo for you!

It was a warm February day and we were able to walk without a jacket. David is really good about taking photos with me and he helped me pick out some lovely spots for a photo shoot. I’m beyond grateful for David and we took a bunch of lovely photos. I really loved the ones of us looking out at the river. Some of them are over exposed, some are dark, but winter late afternoon sun can be a challenge. They still look great.

Went back to the Air BNB and I gave him his Valentine’s Day gift. He knows what he’s going to get me, and he’ll surprise me next time he gets paid. Movie Tavern cut his hours and as I told him, “every day is Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait to be surprised whenever.” He smiled. David absolutely loved his gifts and the card I found him made him tear up a bit. Happy tears, of course.

This is what I made him:

I cooked us a lamb steak for dinner. I was going to cook it in the oven and after 25 minutes, I realized the gas oven didn’t light. We couldn’t figure it out, so I used the gas range instead.

David helped me and as he was going to set the table, he realized there was only one fork and a bunch of spoons. I looked in the sink and it was a bunch of spoons, no other forks.

He let me take the fork and said he would eat his dinner with a spoon. I said, “are you sure? I could take the spoon.”

“No, you eat with the fork.”

We couldn’t find any other steak knives, so we shared the knife. He loved the lamb, and we couldn’t help but laugh about the absurdity of eating with a spoon. We laughed for the entire dinner. I think of “Ironic” by Alanis Morrisette as I type this story. “All you need is a knife, but there’s 10 thousand spoons.” We needed forks as well.

This is love and I’m grateful.

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One thought on “Harrisburg with David | Part I| 10 February 2023”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m overjoyed to see that you had so much fun and so many laughs in my old stomping ground, Harrisburg, PA. The weather was delightfully mild, too, which was a bonus for traveling and for sightseeing while you were there. That Air BNB along the Susquehanna River looks like comfy place. You took some excellent interior shots of the place. I love the wood plank flooring. I’m glad you and David had a great view of the river from your room. I visited Harrisburg many times in my youth and always loved to stand along the river and take in the scenic view as you both did.

    Yessum, if you and David would have had time, you could have shot down 83 South to York. The Shady Dell is located only a mile or two from one of the 83 exit ramps, and you could have visited my old alma mater. Maybe you guys can plan a trip to York someday and make a pilgrimage to the Dell during your stay in the White Rose City.

    I would have been verklempt, too, if I had received that wonderful V-Day gift. Some of the best memories are made at times like that, when you didn’t have the proper dining utensils. You will always remember that day and laugh.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit to “the Burg.” Thanks for letting me tag along. If there is a Part 2 coming, I look forward to it. In the meantime, have a wonderful week, dear friend JM!


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