Scrapbooking with David | 15 January 2023

David and I had a scrapbook date on Sunday. It reminded him so much of his mom, except that she was a mask maker. David’s mom died in August 2021 from cancer. He said, “you and mom would have been the best of friends.” I loved hearing him talk about his mother as we worked on our layouts. I also loved telling him the kinds of crafts Nan did. Of course, we also talked about what we were scrapbooking. Sunday afternoon with Chris and Verne. Such lovely memories, and more laughter.

He’s not much of a journalist, but what he wrote has me verklempt.

We had a great time. So grateful that David helped me contribute to our holiday scrapbook.

I posted about our scrapbooking date on my scrapbook groups. This is what ladies in the Crafting in the Girl Cave had to say about our date:

I agree with them. This was such a special moment, and a great bonding activity. I shared this with David and their comments made him blush. He agrees too; we both agree that we’re each other’s special blessing.

I decided to include a special thanks at the end of my holiday scrapbook. This moment from Sunday is too precious not to include.

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One thought on “Scrapbooking with David | 15 January 2023”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I agree with what those ladies wrote. This set of pictures reveals two people who really belong together, fit well together – no struggle, no pretense. You and David are indeed each other’s blessings, with much to share and a lot in common. He lost his mom. You lost Nan. His mother would surely have loved getting to know you, and your Nan would have been overjoyed to see you so happy with David. David wrote words of wisdom. No matter what life throws at us, no matter how hard it is for some of us to get through the holidays (I lost my dad on December 25, Christmas Day, 2001), as long as you have someone you love by your side, someone who loves you in return, you will be okay.

    Thanks for sharing these precious moments with us. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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