Thankful Thursday 29 December 2022

Ah, the last Thursday of 2022. I can’t believe it – the year has gone by so quickly, yet in some instances it went slow.

I look back on 1 January 2022 and when I remember what happened, it was a foreshadowing of the first 7 months of 2022. I have gotten over that part of the chapter and realize that I spent way too much energy on something doomed from the beginning; that energy is not renting space in my psyche. I’m not going backwards and I’m focusing on the present with David and the future as well. The past is dim, but the future is bright and the present is brightest. I’m thankful that I came to that realization last night and I’m thankful for the friends that helped me realize all of that. I look forward to spending New Years Day with David, Devon, and meeting his roomies. I also get to meet his cats, Natasha and Lucy. I’m so excited and I get to feel all of that when I live in the present.

On Monday I decided to go to Hobby Lobby. I generally don’t support that store since they support organizations that go against my beliefs, but since I am trying to save money and budget my scrapbooking, they were having major sales. Scrapbook supplies were super cheap. I paid 20 cents to $4.99 for paper, stickers, and stamps. I got a 12×12 scrapbook binder for $14. They were originally $21; Michaels sells them for $32 and sells them for $22, plus shipping and handling. I walked out with a bunch of things for my holiday scrapbook and the supplies I needed to make Devon’s birthday card.

I’m grateful for the attorneys I work for. They essentially bought this, plus the photos I ordered from Walmart, photos I’m picking up next week, and some stickers from 1-800-Dreidel. They essentially bought me my holiday album and it feels so wonderful. I am grateful that I am valued.

I’m grateful for Terry too. She paid me before they went away to Florida, she paid me for when she was visiting her son in Florida and when she was going to visit her other son in New York on Christmas, but she got sick after she returned from Florida. Since her son and his wife just had a baby girl, she didn’t want to get the baby sick. Terry is feeling better and told me, “just keep the money.” I am beyond verklempt and grateful.

Aunt Kathy is taking me to Holiday Lights at the Elmwood Park Zoo tonight. I’m excited and thankful she thought of me. I’m also thankful for David, my parents, and my friends. What are you grateful for today?

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Creator of the Happiness Box Project Initiative, a project where you write your happiness or gratitude each day, then open the box in the New Year. The Initiative is to teach joy and gratitude, to pass it on to others.

One thought on “Thankful Thursday 29 December 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Good for you, dear friend! The way you described your perception of the past, present and future is a “submodality shift,” a technique taught in NLP seminars. In your mind, you have adjusted the brightness and contrast of unpleasant past events, making them appear faded and dim to you now. At the same time, you have turned up the brightness and clarity of the present and future. That’s the way to successfully cut loose your baggage. Whenever you are plagued by painful memories, flip that switch, turn that dial, shrink them down and put them in the past where they belong. Make them small and dim so that they no longer have any power or control over you. You’ve got lots of fun and excitement happening in the present. No time to dwell on the learning experiences of the past.

    I hope you will take pics of Natasha and Lucy over at David’s. You know by now how much I love animals of all kinds.

    Mrs. Shady is also reluctant to give her business to Hobby Lobby, but there’s a store near us and she often needs the craft supplies they carry, so she reluctantly shops there. There’s no denying that you can find great bargain prices at H.L. That’s an amazing haul. You are now in scrapbooking and gift card making heaven!

    Terry is being extra nice to you, too. I’m glad she bounced back from the illness that she came down with here in Florida. Aunt Kathy is also coming through for you big time. Have a great time tonight at Holiday Lights at the Elmwood Park Zoo!

    Happy TT to you, dear friend JM, and here’s to a safe, healthy and happy 2023!


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