A Special Gift

I’ve been a bit depressed this week. Monday was 9 years since things were dropped and while I’m in a better place, there are times where it still feels blah to me. The holidays are coming and I miss Nan. January will be 10 years and it hasn’t gotten any easier.

I also told David something really vulnerable on Sunday. I was having a bit of a vulnerability hangover; I was worried about it and I told David that I was having a bit of a vulnerability hangover. He just said, “doesn’t matter to me. What you identify as doesn’t change anything. You’re still you and I love you. I’m glad you’re in my life.”

Then he picked me up today and gave me the bracelet. I was having a bit of a rough day and he offered to pick me up. It was a library night and traffic is awful with construction in Norristown. I’ve been going to work an hour earlier so I can get done earlier to get to the library on time. David got stuck in Bridgeport for an hour and I said, “next time I’ll take Uber.”

I apologized for snapping when I got into the car and he said, “it’s really fine. You had a day and depression, anxiety is no walk in the park. You’re struggling this week. I know I said I was going to surprise you on Sunday, but I thought today would be a better day.” He handed me a jewelry box.

I was shocked. He said, “it was mom’s, but I think you’ll love it.” I opened it and it was such a beautiful bracelet. I teared up a bit, gave him a big hug and kiss. Several hugs and kisses.

I smiled and said, “this is so me! It seems like your mom and I have the same style.”

He smiled and said, “she would have loved you.”

This feels extremely special to me. This is the most special gift to me. I’m really grateful and vulnerability hangover is gone.

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One thought on “A Special Gift”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I admire you for pushing through this difficult period when you mark the anniversaries of two depressing events, threatening to dampen your spirits as we enter the heart of the year-end holiday season and begin a new year next month. You are doing your best to handle yourself. David is a great guy for understanding what you are going through, making it AOK and offering support. The bracelet that once belonged to David’s mother is a wonderful surprise, a special gift that turned your mood around in a hurry and allowed you to sense more than ever how much he cares about you. It’s wonderful to see a big smile on your face after the tough week you’ve had.

    I predict that with David’s help you will continue to build momentum and gain strength in the weeks ahead. Losing Nan was a bitter setback, but she is with you in spirit, her influence still manifesting itself in your life on a daily basis. Remember that and let it empower you.

    Check out the Gully Boys website at the link I provided on my blog. I think the band will be of interest to you. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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