Thankful Thursday 10 November 2022

It’s crazy to think we’re almost halfway through November. Yesterday I was printing out the end of November and all of December calendar pages for the one attorney I’m secretary for. I even printed all of January 2023 for him. It’s amazing that 2022 flew by so quickly! Still a lot to be grateful for.

Yesterday was my first day back in the office. One of my co-workers asked me how my self-care day was and asked about the tattoo. I showed her and she asked what the teal ribbon meant. I told her, “it’s the ribbon for sexual assault and rape.” She was so sorry to hear that and I told her my story. She listened without judgment and empathized. I was so grateful for this. It meant the world to me.

The one attorney also asked me about my self-care day and while I didn’t tell him the story, he was glad to hear that I had such a lovely day. We have to prep for a major sex crimes case and I have to do the research, along with contacting victims. I’m not nervous or triggered; I’m remembering where I was nine years ago and all the help I received, even though my case didn’t go in my favour. I’m packing my empathy and listening skills. I’m actually grateful for this opportunity.

I only have a two day work week. We were closed for Election Day and we’re closed tomorrow for Veteran’s Day. I took off for my self-care day. Glad to have some extra time this week.

My tattoo is also healing nicely. The soreness is fading and it’s only a little itchy. It’s starting to look even more beautiful now that it’s healing.

I’m also thankful for my sweetie, friends, and family. What are you grateful for today?

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday 10 November 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m happy to learn that you found it cathartic to share with a co-worker details of the incident that has led to November self-care days in the years since. It is also huge that you welcome rather than dread the opportunity to research a sex crimes case and interview victims. Helping them and serving the cause of justice will surely help your own healing process as well.

    Yessum, your back tattoo does look sharper and nicer in this picture. I’m glad it is healing properly. Wear it proudly as a badge of courage and a symbol of hope for others.

    As you m ight expect, I an thankful that we rode out another tropical storm system this morning w/o significant loss of power or internet, and no visible damage around the property, only large deep puddles left by hours of torrential rain.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend, dear friend JM!


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