A Third of a Way Done NaNoWriMo

Yesterday I reached 16,520 words on the story I am working on for National Novel Writing Month. I’m 33% done and there’s three weeks left; I’m making good progress!

I decided that I’m writing my memoir this month. I did have a Comeback and this is my story. I didn’t want to fictionalize it any longer. I’m hoping that my story will one day help others.

I’m proud of myself. Thanks for the challenge, T! Thank you for pushing me. đŸ™‚

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Creator of the Happiness Box Project Initiative, a project where you write your happiness or gratitude each day, then open the box in the New Year. The Initiative is to teach joy and gratitude, to pass it on to others.

One thought on “A Third of a Way Done NaNoWriMo”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Congratulations on jumping into this year’s National Novel Writing Month challenge, dear friend! Seems like the words are flowing onto the page at a rapid rate, keeping you ahead of schedule and on track to complete the assignment before the deadline arrives at the end of the month. If your novel is in the form of a memoir that reveals how you bounced back big time after a traumatic event in your life that resulted in dismal low period of struggling, you should have no problem finding material to write about. I wish you great success in this year’s challenge, dear friend JM!

    As I mentioned on my blog, I might lose internet service tomorrow morning because another dang hurricane is bearing down on us. So please understand if I become unresponsive for a period beginning tomorrow morning.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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