Self Care Day | 7 November 2022

7 November 2022 marked nine years. While my PTSD score dropped this year, I still dread 7 November. I took a day off from the Public Defender’s and spent the morning in Philadelphia. I decided to go to Rittenhouse Square Park and I’m glad I did. It was a 78 degree day and I met other photographers. They chatted with me and we shared some tips and tricks. It felt great to shoot photos of Autumn in Philadelphia.

A gentleman was walking his dog and his dog absolutely loved me. He stayed with me for about 10 minutes; it felt great to have some puppy love on my self-care day.

I also met Yvonne, someone new to the area and new to photography. We chatted for a good 15 minutes and she agreed to a DSLR selfie. We exchanged e-mail addresses, and hopefully we’ll keep in touch. Yvonne was telling me about some Philadelphia Photography meetups and I’m interested.

I made a tattoo appointment at Olde City Tattoo for 12:30. When I arrived, I met my artist, John, he had me review the design he came up with. It was beautiful.

John placed the design on my back, had me lay on the table, and an hour, fifteen minutes later I had my new tattoo. I enjoyed chatting with John about music and we commented on the black metal playlist that was blasting throughout the shop. We also talked about art. I was impressed with John’s work and I will definitely be going back to him. My new back piece reminds me that it’s only a chapter, not the whole story.

While getting a tattoo is always exciting, I couldn’t wait for part two of my self-care day.

Nine years ago yesterday, a rather evil person violated and almost murdered me. Nine years ago yesterday, this person told me I was ugly, lame, and that no one would ever love me. I lived with that for so long and I finally learned that he was a liar.

This was the first anniversary that I’m in a relationship and the first anniversary where I spent it with someone loving, and someone who cherishes me. And I spent it with someone I cherish and honour as well.

David couldn’t spend the whole day with me, but he picked me up at the Norristown High Speed Line station and we went to Valley Forge Park. I was happy to see the autumn colours and that the trees still had leaves. I loved driving around the park with David, and I loved looking at the battlefield, while listening to anime theme songs. David is starting to get me back into watching anime,

Once we found a spot, I laid out the beach blanket I brought. I wanted to bring a heavier blanket, but since it was 78 degrees, a beach blanket worked. It felt wonderful just to be held, to lay on the beach blanket I brought, watch the clouds, watch the leaves, and just talk. Even in the moments of silence, I closed my eyes and cuddled him closely. I’m very grateful for this man. This was the highlight of self-care day.

David took me out to dinner at the King of Prussia Mall and we shared a sushi meal. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how yesterday would go and I was a bit nervous, but it went very well. He’s been checking in on me for the past few days. Beyond grateful. I’m counting my blessings.

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One thought on “Self Care Day | 7 November 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Happy self-care day, dear friend! I applaud you for flipping the script and spending a traditionally dismal day out and about, doing things you enjoy, meeting people, encountering a dog that loves you, making new friends and acquaintances and spending quality time with your sweetie. That’s how you beat the blues. Get out of the house. Load-up on good choices, do fun things, take pictures and share yourself with others. The message on your back will empower you in the years to come. I am very happy to note the progress you have made over the last nine years.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and come see me tomorrow if you can when I’ll be starting a new post. Take care, dear friend JM!


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