Halloween 2022

Another Halloween for the books. I kept it simple, especially since I wore it to work, and I was Lucy the black cat. Yes, I was David’s black cat for Halloween. He got a kick out of that and thought it was cute. As did everyone at the County.

We had a handful of trick-or-treaters and there were some pretty awesome costumes. I’m glad two groups of teens stopped by and agreed to take a selfie with me. I printed them for the Happiness Box.

Happy November! It’s the month of gratitude and it’s also National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I’m participating in NaNoWriMo, which means I won’t really be visiting blogs this month and I’ll be writing Thankful Thursday posts maybe (with a few special posts thrown in). I got this!

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Creator of the Happiness Box Project Initiative, a project where you write your happiness or gratitude each day, then open the box in the New Year. The Initiative is to teach joy and gratitude, to pass it on to others.

One thought on “Halloween 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Happy November, 2022, dear friend! It’s so cool that you dressed like David’s black cat Lucy for Halloween. You are a cute kitty! Looks like some beasties and ghoulies came to your door last night. You snapped some great pictures of them. Just remember, dear friend – you have nothing to fear when monsters come knocking, because the killer is already inside your house! 🙂 No kids came to my door last night because I kept the lights turned off while I watched the new Netflix movie Hellhole. OMG!!! – the things you see and hear during the last 10 minutes of that film will stick with you and haunt you! Maybe you could watch it as a double feature with Stan Helsing, the latter best reserved for second to provide much needed comic relief.

    I wish you well as you participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo. Enjoy the rest of your week and have a great month, dear friend JM!


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