Halloween with Old School | 29 October 2022

Happy Halloween, dear readers! I hope you have a spook-tastic day.

I had a spooktacular Halloweekend and Saturday was no different. On Saturday evening, I had a haunting good time with Old School. I’m not going to write a lot, but share a video and lots of photos.

I missed having David around again, he’s also friends with Old School, but I had fun regardless. All of the tables were booked and since I was late getting there and there was no table for me.  A woman saw me standing and invited me to sit with her. Her name was Marni. Marni was a blast and I’m so grateful for her kindness.

When people saw my DSLR camera, I became the unofficial photographer for the evening. Maybe I’ll start charging. LOL! I met a lot of neat people and of course, I enjoyed seeing the band. 

David thought everything looked fun and he agreed, next time he’ll go. Maybe not Old School (since most of the band works full-time jobs and can only play on Friday and Saturday), but other shows. There are a lot of talented hard rock and metal bands around.

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One thought on “Halloween with Old School | 29 October 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Every year at this time, you come up with fabulous Halloween makeup and costumes. I enjoyed this set of pics taken at the Old School show. Everybody looked terrific in their costumes. I see online that there are, or were, several rock bands with the name Old School, including one that plays down here in the Naples area. I take it your Old School band is local to Eastern PA. I like their sound. Once again, you met some nice folks including Marni who found a spot for you to sit and watch the show. More great pictures and memories for your Box!

    Happy Halloween, dear friend JM!


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