Halloween at the Philadelphia Museum of Art | 28 October 2022

I decided to go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for Halloween this year, just because it was free for me, and it was more laid back than what the Franklin Institute offers. I’m all for a laid back evening filled with eery music, pumpkin carvings, ghost stories, and trick-or-treating through the galleries for all ages.

I really wish David could have gone with me, but he started his new job on Friday evening. He was with me in spirit and I did take some photos for him, so we were texting while he wasn’t busy… so I guess David was with me. :p

I got into the city at 5pm, but I had some errands to run in Old City first. As you know, the 9th anniversary is approaching and I took a personal day from work for some self-care. I wanted to make my self-care appointment. As I walked to Old City, the autumn leaves outlining Independence Hall took my breath away. I had to take a picture. I may make it into a postcard.

I continued on and as I was approaching the Museum of American Jewish Museum, I saw such an adorable site that I had to take a photo. It’s a rather meta photo.

I was able to pet the dog. I told the gentleman, “he reminds me of the type of dog my grandfather used to have.”

“Do you know the breed? We just adopted him.”

“I’m not sure, he rescued dogs that were being abused. I think he was a Doberman.”

We chatted for a few more minutes before we parted ways. I continued my way to Olde City Tattoo to make my appointment for 7 November.

I walked in and was greeted. I showed the clerk the quote I wanted and that I also wanted a small teal ribbon. The clerk asked when I wanted my appointment, so I told him, and he called Jack over. I met my artist and we talked over design. He’s thinking six inches, with cursive handwriting. I’m going to get “it’s only one chapter, not the whole story” with a simple (awareness) teal ribbon. During the pandemic I bought a gift card to this place. Can’t wait to use it.

I arrived at the Art Museum at 6pm. I stood on the Rocky steps and took photos of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway outlined in autumn leaves. As I was taking photos, the clock light switched on. That was cool.

Once inside, I was able to explore the galleries. Trick-or-treating through the galleries was for all ages. I thought that sounded fun and since I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see a Renaissance performer, I went trick-or-treating.

At 7pm, I walked to one of the other galleries and listened to some ghost stories. There were also improv acts, which made me last.

The show ended at 8pm and my stomach was growling. I knew it was time to leave. The 38 came at 8:15 and as I was on the bus, I saw this. Only in Philadelphia.

I hopped off at 10th Street and as I walked down to South Street, I walked past Pokiburi and saw that they had gluten-free Ramen options. I went in and had a gluten-free chicken ramen soup. It was good… first time having ramen since my diagnosis.

I went home after dinner. I decided to stay up and wait for David to get done work. I did it! He had a good first shift and I was so happy to read that. He was so happy to read about my evening at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We both fell asleep mid-chat. Ha.

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One thought on “Halloween at the Philadelphia Museum of Art | 28 October 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m happy to see you back at one of your favorite “haunts” (if you will) – the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It sounds like my kind of Halloween, without too much loud chaos and excitement. I’m sorry David couldn’t join you but, thanks to you and this post, he and I can now take a virtual tour of the museum and examinine pictures you took of the exhibits. I wish I were up there in your neck of the woods to see the fall leaves in all their splendor. Thanks for sharing pictures of the lovely trees in Old City Philly.

    I needed to look up that striking statue featuring large yellow letters. I learned it is the “OY/YO” statue created several years ago by artist Deborah Kass. When viewed from one side, the letters form the Philly greeting “YO.” When viewed from the opposite side, they spell “OY.” Billypenn.com states the artist’s intent: “I created OY/YO thinking about the American promise of equality and fairness and our responsibilities to make the country a better place for all,” the artist’s statement says. “With hate and division now on the rise, it is urgent to see our commonalities, what we share, and what brings us together.”

    I hope your next tattoo turns out exactly as you envision it. If I stood there on those Rocky steps, I might be tempted to drop to the floor and do 50 one-armed push-ups. Then again, maybe not. 🙂 Those children really enjoyed dancing to the tune of the Renaissance piper. I’m amazed to see those ornate pumpkin carvings! It was fun to watch the vids of the storytellers, teachers and skit performers. That GF chicken ramen soup you got down on South Street looks delicious.

    Thanks for the update, dear friend JM. Happy H-week to you and your family. If you have time in the next four days, come see my tribute to Stan Helsing in a sneak preview of my new Shady’s Place series United We Stan!


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