Lunch, Heavy Metal, and Cuddles with David

On Monday, I met David for lunch. We went to Frosty Falls and had a water ice lunch. It was raining, he had his heater blasting, and we ate, then cuddled to heavy metal music. We both love the same type of music and the same musicians.

As we were cuddling and listening to music, we were talking for a bit too. David kissed my head, then I looked up at him and we kissed. He snuck in some Eskimo kisses too. That was adorable. We both laughed and smiled.

The rain finally stopped, so we were able to take a short walk around the Schuylkill River, which was in the back of Frosty Falls. I’m glad the rain stopped and I’m glad we could walk together. I’m also glad that David agreed to a few selfies. I took the one, but realized I didn’t get the Schuylkill in the back. David offered to take the second selfie. Awww.

I had to get back to work. We didn’t really want to leave, but David dropped me back off at the Courthouse. Before we parted ways, we shared a sweet kiss.

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One thought on “Lunch, Heavy Metal, and Cuddles with David”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I enjoyed this set of “easy listening favorites” – “toe-tapping champagne music” -good old fashioned hell raisin’ metal to cuddle by. The Chicago groove metal band Lupara, named after the sawed-off shotgun that mafia soldiers carry, had the look and the sound that satisfies my extreme cravings. “No Pity,” a delightful ditty from their debut 2006 album, features a guest appearance by Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson who lists such diverse early influences as Morbid Angel and (strange but true) The Beatles. Ha! I just finished mentioning in my reply to your comment on my blog that I have long loved the theatrical Cradle of Filth band. Nice to hear your selection.

    I’m happy to learn that you and David had a nice lunch at Frosty Falls and shared heavy metal hugs and kisses, then took a walk by the Schuylkill. Those two selfies are excellent and will always remind you of this fun outing.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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