Netflix and Bonding

On Friday, David picked me up from work and we came back here, for Netflix and cuddling. We watched Cobra Kai, but it was mostly just catching up. It felt nice to cuddle with him. We added each other on SnapChat and he agreed to a selfie. He hates the Snapchat filters, and he didn’t realize that I snuck in a devil filter selfie. Total Happiness Box moment.

David also noticed my photo with Monoxide and Jamie. He asked me, “where you at their concert at the TLA in 2014? I’m friends with one of bands that opened for them and that concert was awesome.” I told him I was and we reminisced about that show. He likes Twiztid too. We both love death and heavy metal, as well.

David came again on Saturday morning for breakfast and cuddling. He enveloped me into a hug, gave me nose boops and nose kisses. It was nice. I didn’t want him to leave, and he didn’t really want to leave either. He wants to see me again. David also said he doesn’t mind photos of us either. Another Happiness Box moment.

I look forward to seeing where this all goes.

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One thought on “Netflix and Bonding”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m pleased to see that you are happy, dear friend, and collecting new H.B. moments with David. Seems like you and he have a lot in common and share many common experiences, making for good conversation and reminiscing. I’m also glad to know you have Netflix. Don’t forget to give Ozark a try.

    I’d like to repeat two things I mentioned in my reply to your comment at Shady’s. All you need to do to listen to the ten songs by my featured artist, Ginny Arnell, is click on the cartoon illustrations. Each one opens a new box that plays the song on YouTube. When you are done listening, just close the box and continue to scroll down my post and click on the next cartoon to hear the next song, etc. It’s simple.

    The other thing is that the Tampa Bay area could be hit this week by the worst hurricane in our area in 101 years. There is a very good possibility that I will have my power knocked out any time between now and late Thursday. Please understand if you post something and find me unresponsive. It’s became I am in the dark and waiting for the juice to come back on. Thank you!

    I have a very important Shady Dell related post starting Wednesday morning and I would appreciate your support. I hope I am online to reply to your comment, but I might not be.

    I hope things continue to roll along for you and David. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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