Allentown | Part 1 | 10 September 2022

On Saturday I was supposed to meet up with someone, but the person gave me weird vibes and I canceled. I decided to go to Allentown and meet up with a friend. I made the reservation for the Air BNB in Wescosville on Friday afternoon, and the bus reservation on Friday after my date.

Unfortunately, I missed my bus to Allentown since I misread the schedule. I thought it was leaving at 11:35, not 11:05 and SEPTA was running late. I knew if I canceled my Air BNB, I wouldn’t be able to get a refund and I promised my friend I’d visit. So, I ordered an Uber. Damn, I wish I would have known I was going to miss my bus because I would have stayed in King of Prussia and gotten Uber from there. It would have been quicker (45 minutes) and cheaper. Oh, well, Charles was awesome and didn’t mind driving the 90 minutes from Philadelphia to Allentown.

Charles was a great conversationalist and I enjoyed riding with him for that distance. I loved talking to him about travel and life. The scenery in Allentown was nice too.

I put the wrong address in for Channel 69 news. I didn’t realize that the Channel 69 news station in Downtown Allentown was also the PPL Center. When Charles stopped at the Channel 69 news station on Rock Rd., I realized that was the wrong place. He put in Hamilton Street and dropped me off there.

I had to walk 20 minutes to the downtown area, but I thanked Charles for his kindness. He also gave me his phone number if I needed a ride home on Sunday. Anyway, the walk to downtown Allentown was beautiful and I was thinking of Billy Joel’s Allentown as I walked.

Then I got into town and took other photos. There was also a street festival going on.

As I was listening to music, my friend texted me that he was almost done work, and I could meet him near Coca Cola Park. I walked to the bus and took the Casino line to Ballpark (Coca Cola Park) and waited for him to pick me up. He wanted to see pictures of where I was. Here are those photos:

My friend picked me up and we hung out at the Air BNB, watching both Despicable Me movies, laughing, and chatting.

I really loved the Air BNB I stayed in. I had my own quarters, complete with a living room and coffee set-up. I also had my own bathroom. The owners were really nice and it was funny that they thought my friend was my boyfriend. He left at 9. After, I chatted with Brian and learned that he is not looking for a relationship. He’s happy being single. I’m disappointed, but I’m glad to know that now before I invest too much time.

I unwound for the evening by watching Forensic Files before settling in at 11:30 pm.

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One thought on “Allentown | Part 1 | 10 September 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    This was another instance where you turned a busted play (think Baltimore Ravens football jargon) into a big gain. I’m glad you trusted your instincts and bailed out of the sketchy date. You adjusted your plans and made it over to A-town. On the way, your Uber driver Charles turned out to be a nice guy and a great conversationalist. You didn’t let the 20 minute walk get you down. You turned it into a delightful experience taking in the scenery and playing Bill Joel’s “Allentown” in your head. The pictures you took reveal A-town to be a beautiful, clean city, but it looked like a ghost town until you got the the street festival. It was cool that the Peter Johann band played the Prince hit “1999.” They performed a groovy, funky version of the song and I liked the sound. I’m happy that you rendezvoused with your friend w/o any problem and that you enjoyed hanging out. It was noble of Brian to be honest with you at this early stage of the game rather than months down the road. Your accommodations at the Air BNB look comfy. So, all in all, it seems like you had some fun times there in Allentown and did some self-nurturing, something that’s good as gold, in my opinion.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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