Friday Night Entertainment at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is Back!

Two weeks ago when I was at the Art Museum, one of my security guard friends told me that Friday night entertainment is back. I decided to go this past Friday and I was pleasantly surprised with the harp player.

I decided to scrapbook while listening to the music, but realized I didn’t bring tape or scissors. I went upstairs and noticed that they had a craft table set up for kids. I decided that I would help myself and scrapbook. Some of the kids and staff members loved watching me.

I was talking to one of the staff members and she let me have the beautiful washi tape for my scrapbook. Thank you. I’m grateful.

Before I went to the Art Museum, I stopped off at the Reading Terminal Market for some gluten-free cheese curds and funnel cake. All the tables were full, but I saw one table had an opening. I asked the two guys if I could sit with them and they agreed. Their one friend came back and we got chatting.

CJ, Brian, and Jason from Long Island. They let me sit with them and treated me to a drink. We exchanged contact information, and we all agreed to keep in touch. 🙂

What a wonderful Friday evening!

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One thought on “Friday Night Entertainment at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is Back!”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I know you always have a great time at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and this time you enjoyed a harpist and encountered friendly, helpful folk while doing your scrapbooking.

    The young men you met at the Reading Terminal Market beforehand were equally friendly. I think you bring out the best in people wherever you go. I hope you do indeed stay in touch with those who offered. In this troubled world, you can never have too many genuine friends.

    Thanks for reporting on another happy, fun-filled Friday evening, dear friend JM. Have a wonderful week!


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