Sunday with Tommy

Ah, Sundays are best with Tommy! We woke up at 10:30 am and we both agreed: we sleep best when together. I normally don’t sleep that late (unless I am sick), but I felt so comfortable. I was also tired from Saturday and I guess I needed the rest!

We ate breakfast and then officially started our day at 12:30 pm. We went skating. I’m still getting balancing down, but I can move with one foot on the board. I’m still working on getting both feet on. I’ll get there eventually. As we were skating, Concert Under the Stars were getting ready for later that night. We had a free concert!

Pop-Pop is memorialized at the Township Building since he was a Vietnam War Air Force Vet. As we were waiting for Lyft to the mall, Tommy was skating near his flag. I pointed it out and told him about Pop-Pop. I had to take photos of him skating near Pop-Pop. I think Tommy looks similar to a young Pop-Pop.

When we got to the mall, we had lunch and then explored the Lego store. Tommy saw a few displays he loved. I loved the roller coaster tower.

We decided to build mini-figures.

Tommy found a camera piece and handed it to me. I decided to build us.

Tommy loved what I created and he decided to create his own rendition of us as a Lego couple. He made me a gothic viking.

We decided to buy ourselves as a couple.

I love us!

After my shopping spree at Talbots, we went back to my house and had dinner. Mom made hamburgers, hot dogs, clams, corn, and cucumber salad. We had a feast; Tommy and I sat outside and enjoyed. After dinner, he rode the bike he is fixing down the hill. He loves the hill in my neighbourhood.

He left at 6:30. We hugged and kissed; we didn’t want to let go. He starts his new job tomorrow and I’m not sure if weekends will be free for him anymore. No plans this coming weekend, so I’m glad we had this past weekend.

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One thought on “Sunday with Tommy”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Thanks for running us through the highlights of your Sunday with Tommy, dear friend! Yessum, it certainly is a wonderful feeling to awake with someone beside you. I’m glad you are experiencing that now with Tommy. Sleeping late, then out to skate. What a great way to start the day! I hope you didn’t “bust your buns” as Jan & Dean would sing. Yessum, I agree that Tommy resembles young Pop-Pop. I love that vintage photo!

    That Lego rollercoaster is awesome, and I think you guys hit upon a great idea building miniature versions of Jess and Tommy. Just think. Those replicas could be the start of something big. The two of you could become superhero action figures and inhabit your own universe, have your own adventures, battle villains to save your city, and market various lines of armor, costumes and accessories. You’ll be sold in toy stores coast to coast and become hotter than Cabbage Patch Dolls! 🙂

    You are lucky to have hills in your vicinity. It’s been three years since I saw a hill, and that was down in Mexico.

    Thanks for taking me along on your day of fun. dear friend JM! FYI – I want you to know that, starting Friday, I am taking a 9-day hiatus from blogging. I will be completely off the grid and therefore will probably miss some of your posts. I hope to return to the blog scene on Sunday, July 24.


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