Philly Pumptrack’s BMX Jam | 12 July 2022

On Saturday afternoon, Tommy and I ventured to Philadelphia for the BMX Bike Jam at Philly Pumptrack. But, first, we stopped at his house to get his BMX bike. Of course, I had to hang out with his cat, Holly, and dog, Fuzz. They love me!

After a 15 minute cuddle sesh, Tommy came upstairs and saw that I was comfortable with his pets. He asked me if we should still go to the jam – we both agreed that we would.

What a fun experience! It was muddy and Tommy talked me into trying to ride a bike. Hey, I tried! Rode the kiddie trail with my feet, but I tried! Tommy is awesome, though.

Sav, an underground hip-hop artist was there. He was pretty good. He agreed to take a selfie with me and gave me a 45 record single.

Zeke was awesome! He inspired me!

Tommy with his buddies. I met his bro Derek. Derek exclaimed, “ah, so this is your lady?! It’s nice to finally meet her!”

We left at 7pm. Tommy was allowed to stay over, so we went back to his house to drop off his bike, and he grabbed his things. We then went over to Terry’s, to feed Alfie, and ordered dinner. Tommy took the Mongoose bike he is fixing and I grabbed my things. We got back to my house at 10pm. We chilled; played some video games and watched SNL. What a great evening.

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One thought on “Philly Pumptrack’s BMX Jam | 12 July 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m happy to know that Tommy’s pets Holly & Fuzz have taken a liking to you. It’s no secret and no mystery, because you are a likable person! Yessum, it looks like Tommy is quite an experienced biker. He could become a stuntman in action movies. I’m glad you met some friendly folks at the bike course. You took excellent pics of the bikers and I like the selfies, too.

    I’m pleased to know that you spent another large block of quality time with Tommy. Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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