A Week with Tommy | Part 2 |13 – 15 June 2022

On Monday, I had to go to work. At around 10:30 am, Tommy texted me that he started a load of wash. I was so proud of him. At around noon, Tommy texted me again that he was going to visit his old high school to visit some teachers.

Unfortunately, the school would not let him in. He came back to Norristown, and skated around until I finished work at 4:15. Tommy uploaded his photos to my laptop and I want to share the picture he took while skateboarding. He borrowed my skateboard.

I cooked dinner. I tried out a recipe from the Jewish Exponent. I breaded flounder for myself and breaded cod for Tommy. It was delicious!

After Jeopardy, we decided to take a walk on the trail near my house. We walked barefoot and in our pajamas. I brought my film camera and took photos, but I also took some photos with my cellphone. This is what I captured.

Strawberry moon! I took Tuesday off for my Endo appointment, and some extra tests, plus spending more time with Tommy. We enjoyed the full moon.

Tuesday afternoon, we went to Walmart. Tommy bought a cruiser skateboard that we agreed to keep at my house. It would be easier for him to have one at my house so he doesn’t have to keep carrying a deck back and forth. I also bought a Razor scooter. We decided to have a tea party when we got home; I bought some tea party supplies at Walmart too.

When we arrived home, Tommy played with his skateboard and I prepared tea. A half an hour later, we had a late afternoon tea! Tommy enjoyed it.

After tea, Tommy and I decided to ride the trail. He taught me how to ride the scooter. I was a little irritable and I apologized – I was really hot and irritable from hyperthyroidism. He understood.

We made it to the end of the trail, at the train yard. Tommy and I decided to go to Screwballs, since that was on our way back. Once we arrived, we realized Screwballs was having a trivia night. Tommy and I decided to stay, we didn’t do badly, but we didn’t win. I also ordered us Irish Car Bombs and that was his first time having one. Tommy wasn’t a fan.

Got home and that is when I had the accident I talked about in my Thankful Thursday entry. After Tommy cleaned me up, he urged me to call out from work. Not only because of the diarrhea, but he could see how hyperthyroidism was wearing me down. I e-mailed the chief of staff, then we played with Hot Wheels until 12:30 am.

We slept until 9:30 AM and decided to take it easy. We ate breakfast and played with Hot Wheels until 11:30, when we decided to take a nap.

Tommy took care of me on Wednesday. We took it easy and he spent the entire day loving me. Heck, we spent the day loving each other and I cared for him too. We played with Snapchat filters and the Boy loved watching Tommy play with the Hot Wheels.

I’m deeply in love with Tommy. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and he told me he felt the same way, which he never felt this way about anyone either.

I also had him add to our First Holiday Together scrapbook. I did some writing for him too:

Tommy went home on Thursday while I was at work. I’m grateful he spent the week with me. I appreciate him.

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One thought on “A Week with Tommy | Part 2 |13 – 15 June 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    It’s neat that Tommy found an unfinished stretch of highway where he can get his skateboarding fix. I hope he didn’t “bust his buns,” as Jan And Dean would say. 🙂

    Yessum, breaded flounder or breaded cod. I love fish and would enjoy either dish. The pictures have my mouth watering. I wish I could have taken a stroll on that trail near your home. It looks like a place to find peace and serenity. I see that you spotted a couple of deer back there. It’s nice to have such a beautiful natural setting co close to your house. That’s a cool shirt Tommy was wearing. At first I thought it was Burt Reynolds, but now I’m leaning toward Anchorman Ron Burgundy. I hope one of those is correct.

    Shopping for more sporting goods and a late afternoon tea. You guys are living the dream. Glad you at least tried out the scooter, even though it wasn’t under the best of conditions. Yessum, as I told you the other evening, Tommy showed his true colors by helping you when you took ill. He’s a great guy. I’m happy to see the kitty was fascinated by the Hot Wheels. Love the scrapbook material generated by you and by Tommy. You’re on a roll in more ways than one (not just on skateboards, scooters and Hot Wheels).

    It was so nice of you to come early to Shady’s Place for my collaborative post with friend Jim. Thank you again, and have a terrific week, dear friend JM!


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