A Week with Tommy | Part I | 11 and 12 June 2022

Since mom and dad are on an Alaskan and Canadian cruise until the evening of 19 June 2022, they were delighted when Tommy said he would stay with me for five days. My parents like him and prefer him here when they’re away.

When Tommy and I arrived back to my house, we exchanged seven month anniversary gifts. I bought him Hot Wheel cars with a beautiful card that expresses our relationship well.

I think I am going to write something about dating and falling in love with someone on the spectrum.

I handed him his gift and then Tommy said he had a surprise for me too. He decided to buy me a little something for our 7 months and guess what he bought me?! Matchbox cars. We giggled and said, “great minds think a like.” He set up the tracks and we raced them.

After we exchanged gifts, I asked mom if she could take our photo in front of her beautiful garden. She agreed.

I wanted a photo in front of the trellis with the beautiful purple flowers. Unfortunately, a setting was off and it was all faded. The ISO was too high. Bernadine tried to fix it, but couldn’t. Ah, well, it still looks cool.

I changed into my pajamas after the photo shoot, and we ordered from Chick Fil-A. Tommy suggested eating outside on our back porch and I’m glad he suggested it. The evening was beautiful after the rain passed, there was a breeze, and we loved watching the birds at the birdfeeder as we ate our sandwiches. I didn’t take any photos.

As soon as the sun set, we went to the basement. Tommy found my electric guitar and tried to play it. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if my amp still works. He loved the guitar strap I used at 19/20, the anarchy logo. I wanted to take a photo. His dad is a bassist and does play guitar; Tommy learned at one point, but forgot. Join the club! We’d both like to get back to playing again. Maybe Tommy and I could start a band!

Tommy and I watched MTV Classic and metal hour. I was shocked MTV Classic played a KMFDM music video, but they did. I told Tommy, “this is one of my favourite groups. I’ve been listening to them since middle school.”

He started to head bang and smile, “my baby is a metal head! How awesome,” how awesome done in a death metal voice. He made me giggle.

We went to bed at 10:30 PM and the almost full moon shone through the side of my shade. Tommy exclaimed, “you’re glowing!” When I told him it was the almost full moon lighting me up, he said I looked breathtaking and he kissed me. We fell asleep in each others’ arms.

Sunday morning was rainy. My parents left at 4AM, but Tommy and I slept through them leaving, which they were hoping we’d be doing. They didn’t want to disturb us and they didn’t. Tommy decided to sleep in and I baked a gluten-free whacky cake. It turned out deliciously and Tommy enjoyed it too.

After I took the cake out of the oven and Tommy woke up a little bit, he set up the Hot Wheels race track in the backyard. We had fun racing and it really worked outside, on our hilly backyard.

We went to the mall and to the Legos store. We had so much fun.

Aunt Kathy and Matt picked us up and we drove around for 15 minutes; this was Aunt Kathy and Matt’s first time meeting Tommy. I wanted to start small since he’s an Aspie and I’m glad Aunt Kathy and Matt picked us up. When she dropped us off at my house, Aunt Kathy told me, “you have a wonderful boyfriend, sweetie. He’s so kind and gentle!” She hugged me. I thanked her. Tommy thanked her too.

Tommy and I then went to my neighbour’s high school graduation party. I introduced him to the few neighbours that were there, and I’m glad Ben was there. Ben is a skater and they talked skateboarding for bit. Tommy and I spent the rest of the evening playing in their backyard.

Before Tommy and I left, we asked the neighbour’s grandma if she could take some photos of us. Meg’s yard is gorgeous and they made great photos.

What a great evening!

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One thought on “A Week with Tommy | Part I | 11 and 12 June 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I am all verklempt after reading this report on your 7-month anniversary celebration with Tommy. It was a wonderful coincidence that you exchanged Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. You guys are really synced-up!

    The speed metal single “A Drug Against War” was released in September, 1993, the same month I ended my career working at an MTV station, changed direction and got into executive recruiting for advertising agencies. That’s why I was not familiar with the song and needed to look up info. KMFDM is an industrial rock band based in Hamburg, Germany. Loosely translated, the initialism KMFDM stands for “No Pity For The Majority.” The video for “A Drug Against War” was shown in a 1994 episode of Beavis and Butt-head and featured in the video game Brütal Legend. Me likey!

    That moment when Tommy observed you glowing in the moonlight is like a scene from a 1940s romantic film or novel. What a great moment in your relationship. You’ll always remember it!

    It looks like fun racing those Hot Wheels on the sloping yard. Your visit to the Legos store at the mall reminds me of the Mexican Folk Toy Museum that Mrs. Shady and I visited on our recent trip to San Miguel de Allende. There were miniatures galore. You and Tommy would love it.

    I’m thrilled that Aunt Kathy and Matt met Tommy in a relaxed setting and agree he’s a great guy for you. He also hit it off with neighbor Ben. My favorite pictures are of you and Tommy swinging and posing beneath that lovely trellis.

    Program note: I have a very important Father’s Day post coming up on Sunday at Shady’s Place. It is one of the biggest and most important posts of the last ten years. I look forward to your visit. Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend JM!


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