Our First Seder Together (20 April 2022) and Stonewall Seder with Tommy (21 April 2022)

This is going to be mostly a photo entry. I took more photos during our first Seder together, and I took the group photo too quickly on a timer that it cut off our heads. Oh dear. Ha!

Tommy enjoyed both Seders and loved the discussions I prompted. It made him open up and share some of his thoughts on social issues. I think these Seders were a great opportunity to get to know one another some more.

When we did the Stonewall Seder, I told him that was the reason why I texted him on Easter. I explained what prompted it and that I was most likely targeted then raped because I am an ace. It might not have been the total reason, but I told Brandon that I wasn’t attracted to him before he got me drunk and then drugged me to rape me, that it felt like it. I shed a tear a little and Tommy asked me to explain being an ace to him. I told him, “I’m not into most people. You’re my person and I’m into you.” He smiled.

I think Tommy liked the Stonewall Seder the most because it’s non-traditional and was quicker. For the Stonewall Seder, the afikomen wasn’t a piece of matzo like in a traditional Seder, the afikomen was something symbolic to each of us. I chose my camera, he chose his skateboard, then we talked about why.

We did have some fun after the Seder and I will share the one photo I took:

We snuggled on the couch, then ate a Passover meal that we ordered.

I consider this one of my afikomens. When he built my bookshelf and I was cleaning out my closet, I found this sleepover book that I took out for every sleepover. I shared the memories with Tommy and I asked him to sign the pillowcase. He did and now I have new sleepover memories.

We ended our evenings by playing Minecraft. This is part of relationship in a nutshell.

These were a special three days. I wrote all about them for my Happiness Box and printed the photos. I’m so glad Tommy and I celebrated together and look forward to more celebrations with him.

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One thought on “Our First Seder Together (20 April 2022) and Stonewall Seder with Tommy (21 April 2022)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Thanks for summarizing your first Seder together with Tommy as well as the Stonewall Seder the following day. Your camera captured magic moments as you guided Tommy through these new experiences. The rituals prompted discussion of important issues like your ace identity and your dreadful, painful rape. Communication between you and Tommy was frank and sincere, enabling the two of you to know each other more fully and to continue the process of bonding. I like how you each chose a non-edible Afikoman with symbolic significance. His autograph on your sleepover pillowcase is something to treasure. Get anchored to it and remember those special three days you spent with him.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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