Stonewall Seder on Zoom with J-PROUD | Passover Day #3 | 17 April 2022

The Stonewall Seder last evening was amazing and beautiful. As an Asexual, I am so happy to be welcomed into the LGBTQ+ group and aces are acknowledged. Asexuality is a bit controversial, as well as bisexuality, to some LGBT folks because they can appear straight. I’m glad my Jewish group doesn’t see it that way and they put that struggle into the Stonewall Haggadah.

Before the Seder started, Galia said, “if you have any pets, they’re more welcomed to join in on our Zoom Seder.” I decided to get the Boy. He fought me as I walked back downstairs, but he stayed in my hands for a few minutes as I introduced Gizmo to the group. Galia thought he was cute. I explained that he was a stray that we took in 3 years ago after Mimi died and he’s still getting used to us. He still hates being picked up, though. A few other pets of other members showed up doing the Seder. I’m happy to report that the Boy has forgiven me and he cuddled with me last night.

For the Stonewall Haggadah, they use the names of people who were killed for being who they are. That was a really hard list to read, especially since it’s grown over the past year. Ten drops of wine fell onto my napkin.

Loved hearing this in Ladino. Ladino is the language of Sephardic Jews, it’s a combination of Spanish and Hebrew.

As the Seder progressed and we had moments filled with tears, I reflected on the gratitude I’ve felt for the past few days. Tommy accepts that I am ace and while we compromise, he doesn’t force and is patient. Not only due to the asexuality, but PTSD as well. When I came out to him, he didn’t judge me like I feared. I am loved wholeheartedly. I sent him a text message and he responded back. I took myself off the camera on Zoom to send the text. I wanted to express my gratitude to him; I never thought I’d meet and love someone who accepted me. I don’t think he expected it for himself either.

After we drank our fourth glass of wine, we sang Chag Goya. As you can tell by the video, this is definitely a drinking song!

The whole Seder lasted an hour. It was abbreviated because of Zoom. Before we parted, Galia asked if she could take a screenshot of the group. I decided to get my selfie.

We were able to chat afterwards and I was chatting with a Kosher gluten-free chef. We exchanged e-mails and we’re going to keep in touch. It felt nice to chat with Galia, Sheri, and a few others after the Seder. A wonderful day #3.

P.S. it was nice getting dressed up, but since I was on Zoom, I didn’t have to worry about stockings! I went barefoot!

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One thought on “Stonewall Seder on Zoom with J-PROUD | Passover Day #3 | 17 April 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Thanks for allowing me to eavesdrop as you and your group conducted a Zoom Stonewall Seder last evening. Yessum, I was going to say that you looked especially pretty. I notice that you were wearing the bracelet Tommy got you. Knowing that will mean a lot to him. i am sure it also means a lot to him knowing that he was on your mind. It was nice of you to pause during the Zoom and send a text message to let him know you were thinking of him. It’s the little things that count most, not the grand gestures and extravagant gifts. I enjoyed the two songs and felt the joy and fellowship of the group. It was nice that you could introduce your kitty Gizmo to the group and that they welcomed and accepted you without reservation regardless of your Asexual identity. That is a grim and growing list of victims of hate. When will this madness stop?

    I am thrilled that you are involved with these groups and making many new friends. You are living a rich, full life. Thank you very much for being the first to remember Margaret Schneider this morning, and for all the kind words. Have a great week, dear friend JM!


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