Autism Awareness Month

It’s Autism Awareness Month and this year is a bit different for me. Last November I started dating someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, a now outdated term for high-functioning autism. We fell in love. It’s been a journey and a half, with a lot of misunderstandings and breaks. I’ve learned to change plans last minute and since I’m an introvert, staying in or doing things with minimal stimulation isn’t a big deal to me (I’m also highly sensitive). While it can be frustrating at times, there are many, many joyful moments. He remembers things I love, he pays attention, he listens and we have a lot of the same interests, so doing things together is easy. I’ve let him teach me some of his obsessive interests (I’m learning how to skateboard and play Minecraft) and I’m teaching him some of my hobbies. I’m happy to be on this journey with him and I wouldn’t have this any other way.

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One thought on “Autism Awareness Month”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Thanks for acknowledging Autism Awareness Month and explaining that Asperger’s is now an antiquated term for high-functioning autism. Yessum, knowing and loving Tommy has given you the opportunity to work on your flexibility and resilience and reduce your hypersensitivity. You checked some important boxes regarding Tommy’s role in your relationship. “He remembers things I love, he pays attention, he listens and we have a lot of the same interests…” Those are all huge plusses, especially remembering the things your partner loves. I’m sure you are doing the same for Tommy. Yessum, it’s all about teaching and learning, sharing and listening. You guys are getting it right. That’s a beautiful and respectful logo on display at the end of the post.

    Enjoy your Wednesday and the rest of the week, dear friend JM!


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