Tommy and Jessica’s A.C. and Brigantine Weekend | Part II | 27 March 2022

We slept in on Sunday morning. The quilts were warm, the room was comfortable, and we were cuddled in each others’ arms. We woke up at 9:45 am, and ate Pop-tarts (well, my gluten-free ones were from a brand called Bobo’s) in our pajamas, in bed. I also bought orange Crush packets for water bottles, so we mixed the orange Crush and drank it with our Pop-tarts. That would be our breakfast.

The sun shone through the window and at 11, we walked to Brigantine beach and took more photos. Photos we were unable to get on the 26th. I am thankful that Tommy went along with my photoshoot ideas. He seemed to have fun.

After an hour and a half on Brigantine Beach, we decided to go back to the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

When we arrived to the Boardwalk, we saw some fat seagulls. There were also a lot more people walking on Sunday.

We went to the mall first and there was this area that was set up like a beach. We loved watching the ocean from inside the warmth of the mall.

After, we had lunch/dinner at Rain Forest Cafe. Tom’s birthday is in two weeks and I “surprised” him a little bit. He was embarrassed.

After, lunch and dinner, we went to the Arcade. We went go-kart riding and I was scared to death. I don’t like being behind the wheel and that is mostly why I don’t drive. I didn’t crash and die, however!

It started to snow too. While his uncle was driving us to the bus stop, it was snowing even more. It felt weird to be at the beach while it was snowing.

Tommy and his uncle were talking about some relatives and the subject of children’s books came up. Tommy asked, “babe, you’ve written a children’s book before, right?”

I replied, “I’ve never had one published. I started writing one, but never published it.”

His uncle asked me why and I replied, “I wrote it in Arabic and I need someone to proof it for me.”

Uncle Joe has a few Arab friends. He called up one of his friends and put me on the phone with him. We spoke a little Arabic, and he’s going to have his wife proof it for me. I have to find the manuscript. It’s been 10 years and I’ve gone through many computers since then. If not, I can rewrite it. I was so verklempt and grateful.

On our way back to Philadelphia, Tommy sent me the selfie I took with his phone. I forgot to post this yesterday, so I will post it today.

When we got back to his house, his mom surprised me with a gift from Ireland.

It was a good weekend.

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