Bowling with Tommy | 20 March 2022

Yesterday Tommy and I met up. There were a change of plans and we were able to meet up this weekend. We spent a few hours playing video games, then had dinner, and went to Sproul Lanes for bowling.

Tommy used to be in a league. He hasn’t been in a league for a few years, so he was rusty. I haven’t bowled in 9 years, the last time I went bowling was at Arnold’s in Oaks in September 2013. We used the gutter guards.

Tommy ended up teaching me, and while I ended up getting a few strikes and spares, I need a lot more practice.

We shared a lot of laughs and had a ball. The group sitting next to us was fun too. The one guy was wearing a Ravens hat and an Orioles shirt, so we talked about Baltimore sports. It was a great evening. I love spending time with Tommy.

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One thought on “Bowling with Tommy | 20 March 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Video games, din-din and bowling – sounds like a fun day for you and Tommy. I’m sorry you didn’t exactly have “stikes to spare,” but you got some practice in and will surely improve over time, same as you did with ice skating. I used to love going bowling. A brand new Bowlerama opened just two blocks from where I lived as a boy, and I loved to walk up there and cool off in the air conditioned comfort during the summer. Most houses, including ours, did not have air conditioning back then (in 1960), and as you know it gets plenty hot in PA in the summertime. In college, I became a very good bowler. I remember bowling 8 strikes in a row one game, then choked in the last two frames and missed out on the chance to have a perfect 300 score.

    It’s cool that you found Baltimore sports fans using the lane next to you.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend JM!


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