West Chester Adventures | 5 March 2022

On Saturday I decided to take a trek to West Chester. Tommy and I talked about visiting when it gets nicer; I told him I would give him a little tour of old haunts. He loves Fairman’s skate shop and is interested in seeing where I hung out during college.

I hadn’t been to West Chester since my first tattoo in May 2019. I knew the town changed, especially since COVID, and I decided since last weekend Tommy had a family function to attend that I would go explore West Chester. I needed to see what changed and what was still there before I give my boyfriend a tour of my old college town.

The first thing I noticed that changed. I was sad to see this sign. Was my favourite place during college…

I decided to go to Everhart Park. I wanted to go to the playground and I also wanted to take photos. I spent a lot of time at Everhart Park after my rape; swinging and listening to music provided a temporary relief.

While I’ve had a few happy moments since then, mostly the Turks Head Music Festival, I had a happy occasion to celebrate currently. I have a boyfriend now, he’s the love of my life and I’m the love of his life. I never thought I’d be comfortable being in a relationship, especially a committed one full of love and trust. I had to celebrate and I took some beautiful photos of the bracelet my love gave me on my favourite red bench.

I also decided to take some cell phone photos of the bracelet and the bench.

I snapped some of these photos to Tommy and I posted them on Instagram. Tommy was the first to love them.

I decided to continue onto the playground. Everhart Park got a fancy new playground since Christina and I visited after Wraith in May 2019!

I stayed on that swing for an hour, listening to Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Mad Season, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and so many other artists.

After an hour, I decided to continue the photoshoot. I went to the Gazeebo, then the bridge.

My phone was dying and I knew I had to go back into town to charge my phone at Starbucks. However, once I got back to town, I saw that Starbucks closed. A young man was smoking outside and I asked him if there were any local cafes that I could charge my phone. He said there was a new cafe two blocks down the street.

Le Tartine opened in May 2020. A family owned Mediterranean cafe with gluten-free options. I was going to have a late lunch/early dinner at Roots cafe, but I decided to order a Lebanese coffee with a gluten-free crepe as I charged my phone. Delicious! I definitely want to go back.

Even Gay Street changed. I was surprised how much it changed.

Yet, some things remained the same. Penn’s Table was still there, a few friends and I used to hang out there. Also, Fairman’s Skate Shop.

Ah, yes. I remember walking past Fairman’s all the time in college. The Mad Platter was a few doors down, I lived in that record shop (I cried when they closed). 10 years ago I went on a date with Mike, an 18 year old guy who was kicked out of his house (and once his roommates kicked him out, I never saw him again) and he brought me to Fairman’s. We didn’t buy anything, but it was cool to browse. Over the years, I loved window shopping.

I went in after my snack at Le Tartine. I bought new skate pants and they had women’s sizes! They fit perfectly. I also bought stickers for my deck. I decorated it on Sunday evening and plan on skating on Friday. Of course, I can’t wait to skate with my skater boy as well. ❤️🛹

I ended my day at the Roots Cafe. My favourite restaurant! Been coming here for 10 years. I remember when they were in the smaller place; Dan and Keyanna used to own the restaurant. They ran the restaurant and we became friends. Sadly, I think they sold it in 2016, but new management is awesome. My diet has changed over the years, but they have accommodated me well! I had the gluten-free turkey Rachel.

I had a great day! I loved visiting old haunts and creating new haunts. I loved creating new memories and I can’t wait to create more memories with Tommy.

Here’s how I decorated my skateboard:

I may find daisy or floral stickers too. When I take Tommy to West Chester, I want to do a photoshoot at Everhart Park and maybe we can skateboard together too. After all, Bam Margera is from West Chester and West Chester is a pretty big skate town.

Can’t wait for Spring!

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One thought on “West Chester Adventures | 5 March 2022”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    This was an exciting day for you, dear friend, returning to your old stomping ground, West Chester, and tracing a route that you and Tommy can take when you go there together. I’m sorry to see one of your favorite haunts, The Lincoln Room, has permanently closed, but you found several of your favorite spots intact and other changed somewhat, presumably for the better. You found a brand new GF eatery that serves delicious food and coffee. I’d love to go there myself. You hung out in parks that you and Tommy will surely enjoy visiting. I’m glad you wear and take pictures of the bracelet Tommy gave you. it is obviously something he enjoys seeing on you. You and he are becoming “anchored” to it because it symbolizes something special. The Roots Cafe has changed hands, but the new management treated you right, another happy experience that goes into the long win column for the day. All in all it was a great return visit to West Chester, setting the stage for another return in the near future with your sweetie.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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