Christmastide 2021

I ended up not going to Tom’s for Christmas. His sister’s lab partner tested positive for COVID; his sister is feeling under the weather, but she tested negative. He told me on the 23rd and yesterday his mom sent me a message on Facebook (yes, we’re Facebook friends) wishing me a Merry Christmas. She also apologized about cancelling, explained the situation, the sister is doing well, and they’re all doing well. We’ll definitely reschedule after the holidays. I like Tom’s parents and I’m glad his mother reached out.

While I was disappointed about not going to Tom’s, my holiday was filled with family. On X-mas Eve, mom had her side of the family over and it was fun. When Aunt Kathy arrived, she handed me a belated Hanukkah gift and said, “I know it’s late, but this is for you.” I was verklempt and thankful. She instructed me to put it upstairs so it wouldn’t get confused with the White Elephant gifts.

Aunt Kathy and I chatted for a bit – she was happy to hear about Tom, and to hear about how the ADAs showered me in gifts. “You really deserve it. You’re a hard and dedicated worker.” She’s so happy that things are going so well. Aunt Peg and Uncle Tom were happy to hear it as well.

The White Elephant was fun, total Christmas Eve shenanigans. I ended up picking a towel set and I squealed in joy. I’ve wanted red towels for a long time and I finally have my own set of red towels! I joked, “I’m the towel queen.” Everyone laughed. The whole game made everyone giggle. Dad won a set of Japanese spa masks and everyone ribbed him. We’re going to have a self-care day for him and everyone wants to see the before and after photos.

While I don’t celebrate Christmas, I participate out of love. For me, Christmastide is just a time for peace, love, good tidings, and joy with loved ones. That’s how I was going to handle it with Tom and his family. I’m sure that is how Tom handled it with Hanukkah and that’s how my parents handle it with my Jewish holidays. Anyway, yesterday was a time for peace, love, good tidings, and joy with family. Same with X-mas Eve.

I am enough. I am loved. I may not always get along with mom, but the past few days have been good. She was disappointed for me and like Tom’s mom said, once the holidays are over and people are feeling better, we will have him over for belated holidays. I have my father’s love and I will always have my father’s love. As tradition, we l’chaimed and Mazel Toved at dinner.

I also opened Aunt Kathy’s belated Hanukkah gift. She knows me well! And I can’t wait to wear it!

While this time of year is traumatic for me and while I didn’t get to spend the day with Tom, I’m glad I spent it with my family and I’m glad I’m here at Terry’s cat-sitting. Terry left a gift for me as well.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season filled with peace, love, and joy.

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One thought on “Christmastide 2021”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m verklempt right along with you, dear friend. Although you were disappointed, I think it was wise for you and Tom to stay separated during this critical period until they get things figured our regarding the COVID connection. From the looks of it, your Plan B tuned into an A+ experience as you celebrated Christmas with your Aunt Kathy, Aunt Peg, Uncle Tom and your folks. I’m so glad it was a meaningful and enjoyable experience for all of you, including the laughs as you opened the White Elephant booby prize gifts. It was very thoughtful of Aunt Kathy to bring you that beautiful belated Hanukkah present. The kind words she spoke to you about Tom and your job are a gift that will keep on giving, because you will surely remember them always, perhaps not her exact words, but her kindness. I am also very happy to learn that you and your mother got along well during the holidays. Keep building on the progress you are making in that area. The pictures of happy, smiling faces tell the story of Christmas 2021. I am very happy for you and your family.

    Have a safe and happy week, the final week of 2021, dear friend JM!


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