One Month with Tom (11 December) and an Afternoon with Chris and Verne (12 December)

Saturday was our one month together and we celebrated in the city. We walked around, took some photos and did some shopping after we had a pizza dinner at Snap Custom Pizza.

We stayed the night in Philadelphia. I decided to give him his Christmas gift early and I wrote him a card for our one month. Tom read the card first and was verklempt after he read it. He then opened the gifts, the first one was the layout I made him and framed. Tom was so excited about it and thought that was the best gift. I also bought him a pair of ice skates and we hoped to ice skate on Saturday, but it was 68 and rainy. Next weekend hopefully! Tom was shocked and he tried them on, they fit him perfectly. Tom hugged and kissed me.

It poured Saturday night; we cuddled up, watched Family Guy, and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Surprisingly, I slept 7 hours, 40 minutes. Usually I don’t sleep well when I stay in another home (even a friend’s).

On Sunday, we trekked to Media to have lunch with Chris and Verne. We waited for them at the Courthouse and we were surprised that the Delco Courthouse wasn’t decorated much. There was only a Menorah out. We did get a selfie, but I’m not sure if you could see the Menorah in the back. The temperature also dropped 30 degrees, it was windy, and we cuddled as we waited for Chris and Verne.

Chris and Verne picked up Tom and I, then we went to Walnut Apple Cafe. It was crowded and we had to wait 20 minutes, but it was worth the wait! Verne and I are Celiac, so they had delicious GF options for us. Tom and Chris aren’t, so they were able to have delicious meals too. One of the waitresses hit on Tom and when she asked me if we were related, she was mortified when I told her he was my boyfriend: “you should have said something sooner!” Tom was embarrassed and I didn’t want to make it worse. Chris, Verne, Tom and I could only laugh. There were lots of stories, photos, friendship and laughter throughout lunch at Walnut Apple Cafe.

After lunch, we went back to their house. I gave Chris and Verne the gift I made for them. A few months ago, Chris met up with two of her friends for lunch. They’ve been friends for 50 years and one of the friends was in town visiting. Chris posted the photos on Facebook, so I printed them. I remember the stories she told me, so I wrote them down. When Chris opened the gift, she cried tears of joy.

Kitty is one of her Black friends. They met while they were in college and Chris taught her how to swim. Black people never learned how to swim 60 years ago and Kitty needed to pass swimming to graduate from college. Chris and Eva, the other friend pictured, helped Kitty. Chris shared this story with Tom and I. Chris, Eva, and Kitty became the best of friends and they celebrated every life event together. Chris gave me such a big hug for the thoughtful gift.

Chris then led us to the basement: she crochets and gave us afghans. I picked out a pretty purple, violet, white, and tan blanket. Tom picked out a handsome blue blanket. She also let me pick out three scarves that I can’t wait to wear to work. I wore one today.

Chris made delicious gluten-free cookies and we sat down to have gluten-free and lactose free milk, while talking and giggling. Tom held my hand and I caught him staring at me a few times. Later last night, I said to Chris, “I saw him staring and admiring me a few times.” She typed, “”Yes. He did. He held your hand at our table, and smiled a lot.”

Before we left and while Tom was outside on the phone with his parents (to make sure I could come over), I asked Chris what she thought. She said, “I like him a lot and I can see that you’re both happy together! I am so happy for you, Jess! This was a long time coming, my dear!” She gave me a big hug.

Chris and Verne liked Tommy and we are welcome anytime.

Verne dropped us back off at Tommy’s house. His parents welcomed me. I watched TV with his dad for a bit, we both like Dr. Who. Tommy loved the gift I made him and he showed it off. His parents loved it too.

We played some video games and before his dad left, his dad wished me a great evening and wished me well. Before I left, his mom was crafting and since I’m a crafter too, she was showing me what she was making. We had fun discussing. Wished me safe travels and I’m welcomed anytime.

I feel so verklempt. I feel loved and I feel blessed. It’s a great feeling and I return the sentiment.

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One thought on “One Month with Tom (11 December) and an Afternoon with Chris and Verne (12 December)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Your story just keeps getting better and better, dear friend. I too am verklempt reading about all the fun you’re having with Tom, the exchangining of spot-on thoughtful gifts and the meet up with Chris and Verne at Walnut Apple Cafe. Your skill and experience at putting together artistic layouts for your scrapbooks, plus your keen memory and meticulous attention to detail, make you an expert gift giver. The presents you give to others reveal lots of thought, time and effort – infinitely morning meaningful than a gift card. Happy one month anniversary to you and Tommy. As the old boomer song goes “keep the ball rolling.”

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend JM!


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