Hanukkah with Tom (3 and 4 December)

I had Tom over this weekend for the 6th and 7th nights of Hanukkah. For the 6th Night, we ordered out and lit the Menorah. We played Wii and Tom is a better Wii golfer than I am. We’re both good at Wii Bowling.

On the 7th Night of Hanukkah, I cooked dinner for Tom and we lit the Menorah together. I said the blessing, lit the first few candles and passed it on to him. This was his first-time celebrating Hanukkah.

I made chicken marsala and this was his first time having this dish. Tom thought it was delicious and told me, “babe, you’re such a good cook.” I blushed a little, okay, a lot. I enjoyed cooking for him.

Game of dreidel, which he won.

Before I made dinner, we played Left 4 Dead on his laptop, then listened to Russian music. We both have an affinity for Russian culture. We had no idea what these artists were singing about, but we laughed and enjoyed ourselves.

I decided to play şebnem ferah’s Yalniz, a Turkish power ballad, and Tom was shocked when it turned into Turkish metal. He did like the sound, however. It’s nice to have someone I can share foreign music with.

Tom has truly been a blessing.

We went to a local bar and saw Scattertrain. Mark, the lead singer, was so happy to see me since I haven’t seen them in 5 years. Mom and dad always went to see them, but I always had other things going on. So glad mom suggested that Tom and I see them. Tom also enjoyed Scattertrain.

We were laughing, having a good time, and I was singing to Tom. Tom sang to me too. I sang these songs to him:

He sang these songs to me:

We laughed when they played this song, and he sang it to me:

We laughed together, and we embraced, while giggling up a storm. Such a great evening.

Last night was the last night of Hanukkah and Hanukkah 2021 was the best yet! Next, Christmas.

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One thought on “Hanukkah with Tom (3 and 4 December)”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m thrilled and verklempt, dear friend. You and Tom have a great thing going. You share many interests, more than 90% of the couples I have ever known. Moreover, you are each receptive to being introduced to something new that the other likes. You introduced Tom to Hanukkah and the two of you will also celebrate Christmas together. You found that you both like Russian pop music. As I listened to those videos it occurred to me that the rhythm and arrangements are similar to those of Romanian artists I discovered during the 2010s. I love female fronted bands and therefore especially liked the melodic symphonic metal of Turkish artist Şebnem Ferah, formerly with the all-female hard rock band Volvox. Getting back to you and Tom, it was cute that you sang songs to each other. I was surprised that he picked two boomer era classics to serenade you with. You both had fun watching the live show by Scattertrain, and there are many new pictures of the happy couple to grace your Box and scrapbook. You enjoyed playing games together, he appreciates your cooking and gave you a smooch. What an excellent match the two of you are. Your own words said it all: “Hanukkah 2021 was the best yet!” I am very happy you found each other!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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