Thankful Thursday 25 November 2021

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, but I am grateful every day of the year. I like counting my blessings and I have many to be thankful for.

Last weekend Tom told me that he loved me and I share the same feelings. I am comfortable and safe with him, and well, I love him. I sent him these two images today:

I made him all verklempt and he said, “I love you more, babe” and we had the “I love you more” contest until we laughed.

It’s really hard to put into words how I feel, but I am grateful to the core. It’s great when you find someone who is on the same page as you, respects, and honours you and you do the same for them. Trust issues were huge before him, and while they are still being worked on, I feel safe in learning to trust him.

Hanukkah and Christmas are coming. I celebrate both and I’m going to get Tom something. Last night I sent him a photo of the gift I’m going to send to one of my British friends and said, “Can’t wait to surprise you!” He said, “we’ll share!” My British friend loves to crochet and I bought her some crocheting things. He thought I was going to crochet him an Afghan. I have no idea how to crochet. Although, a good friend of mine (local) does crochet and she will give us an Afghan to share.

I’m going to make him a scrapbook layout and frame it so he can hang in his room. I’m also going to get him a gift card.

I love giving gifts and honestly, being with him is my gift. He understands me, he respects me, he honours me, and that is a gift enough. I just want to give him a little something and see him light up. I don’t need anything and I have everything I want with him.

Tom had Thanksgiving with his family and I had Thanksgiving with my parents. It was just mom, dad, and I today and it was a laid back Thanksgiving. I’m grateful that we were able to gather around a table, share some food, and have warmth surround us. That is indeed a blessing.

What are you thankful for today?

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday 25 November 2021”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m all verklempt, dear friend! There have been many Thankful Thursdays and several Thanksgiving Days when it was clear that you were doing your best to put a positive spin on things but were not genuinely happy. You were struggling with loss, with baggage from past traumas and with setbacks and frustrations in the present. This year, this Thankful Thursday and this Thanksgiving, I can sense that you are truly filled with joy and excitement. I don’t blame you! It is very rare to find somebody with whom you feel a genuine kinship, someone who makes you feel safe, comfortable and right at home. I couldn’t be happier that you found someone like that in Tom. Just remember that this isn’t a sprint race. Take your time, savor every minute and don’t feel the need to rush forward in the relationship until you are ready.

    The pictures you took show a family enjoying a happy T-giving feast. Cranberry sauce is one of my favorite side dishes during the holidays or any time of the year. Your kitty seemed more interested in looking out the front window than begging for table scraps. Our adopted stray black cat Boots begged for some of the roast beef we were having. We gave him a platter and he gobbled it up.

    I am thankful for every new day and all the potential it holds for sending out positive vibes and helping people. Enjoy your T-giving evening and have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend JM!


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