Hiking With Tom | 20 November 2021

On Saturday, I trekked to Delaware County and met up with Tom. He decided to take me on a hike around Darby Creek. The scene was something from a painting.

We sat at the cave for 20 minutes, talking and just taking in the autumn beauty. I’m glad there are still leaves on the trees and the colours have finally peaked.

Tom found a discarded bike and he was going to fix it for me. We decided to walk down the embankment to look at the bike, and as we walked, I saw the graffiti under the bridge. I love admiring graffiti. Tom looked at the bike, unfortunately it was too big for me and he couldn’t salvage it anyway.

We walked the trolley tracks and as we walked, it reminded me of a few scenes from Stephen King’s “Stand By Me.” I asked him if he ever watched that movie, but he hadn’t. I said, “some time I will have to show you!”

We crossed the tracks and went to the Swedish Cabin. That Swedish Cabin was neat.

Since Thanksgiving is on Thursday, I’m going to write about gratitude this week. I am really grateful for Tom. I’m blessed.

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2 thoughts on “Hiking With Tom | 20 November 2021”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’ll say you’re blessed, dear friend. Your job is clicking, you are out and about doing 100X more things than you were able to do in 2020, and you are experiencing the thrill of having someone new and special in your life. Seems like the list of activities you and Tom both enjoy is endless. I can see that the two of you had a wonderful day in the brisk fall air hiking along Darby Creek in Delaware County. Those scenes do indeed look like oil paintings. Leave it to you to find value in graffiti while so many others only see delinquent behavior and vandalism. Your poses at the Swedish Cabin got me curious and I looked it up and found this:


    Thanks for taking me along on your hike with Tom. Have a wonderful week and a happy Thanksgiving, dear friend JM!


  2. Here is the bracketed info that did not publish with my first comment:

    Lower Swedish Cabin is a historic Swedish-style log cabin on Creek Road in the Drexel Hill section of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania along Darby Creek. The cabin may be one of the oldest log cabins in the United States.


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