And Then He Kissed Me | An Oldies Love Playlist

I’ll admit that I’ve been listening to sappy songs as of late. I decided to play this gem of a song this morning as I walked to the bus:

After Downtown ended, Amazon led me to a playlist of oldies love songs. I listened to the station for the next 25 minutes. These were the hits that filled my morning:

I posted this on Facebook this morning. Here’s a shout-out to my dear friend and fellow blogger, Shady!

I love listening to music and I can honestly say I listen to everything. I also love listening to modern covers of old songs.I follow this one blog and the writer has a series called “Jarring Juxtapositions” where he explores how music changed over the years. Sometimes he’ll talk about covers.I’ve always liked Leslie Gore and G Eazy, so when I found a cover of “You Don’t Own Me” by Grace and G Eazy, I had to give it a listen. I’ll post both songs.

I still have a CD burner on my laptop. I just have to figure out where I can purchase music or make a mixed CD. I really want to make a mixed CD now.

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One thought on “And Then He Kissed Me | An Oldies Love Playlist”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    This is a wonderful surprise, dear friend! Thanks for the shout-out and for posting all these great songs that take me back to my mid and late teen years. Every one of these songs is a favorite. Imagine what it was like for me just having turned age 15 when one of the defining songs of the 60s, “Downtown,” was released. Pet’s single debuted in the high 80s on the U.S. chart, but quickly leaped to #1 in only a few weeks time where it remained at the top for two weeks in early 1965. The songs by The Crystals and The Ronettes are two of the best examples of the wildly popular Phil Spector Wall-of-Sound production technique. The song by Peggy March is an example of the innocent teen pop/girl pop of the early 60s, while the Shangs (and The Ronettes) were indicative of the changing times when female artists started looking and sounding more worldly, tough and streetwise and telling it like it is. The Dionne Warwick performance is a cover of the Bacharach – David song originally recorded and made famous by Jackie DeShanon. It’s interesting the Dionne was offered the song but refused, saying that it was too preachy. She later changed her mind and recorded this cover and released it on her December 1966 album Here Where There Is Love. With The Supremes and The Temptations, you posted Motown’s top girl group and Motown’s top boy group. “My Girl” was a biggie at the Shady Dell. As you might recall, I recently posted the cover of “Stand By Me” that was a hit by soul artist impressionist Spyder Turner. “Sweet Caroline” was big when I was dating the future Mrs. Shady #1. “You Don’t Own Me” is Lesley Gore’s most enduring hit as evidenced by that fine 2015 cover recorded by Aussie singer/songwriter Grace featuring American rapper G-Eazy. I love that version as much as the original.

    Thanks again for thinking of me and mentioning me, dear friend JM. These songs you posted brought back a bunch of happy memories. I need to warn you, listening to my boomer music is habit forming. Once you get started, you might not be able to stop. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend!


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