Thrifting, Riding Trains, Arcades, and Teaching Tom How to Ice Skate (Oh, My!) 13 November 2021

I like to keep relationships balanced and we agreed to take turns visiting one another. He will come to visit me, then I will visit him, and so on and so forth. Saturday I told him I would go to him in Delaware County. It wasn’t a bad commute – 40 minutes via SEPTA.

When I arrived, he met me at the Baltimore Ave. station and he gave me a tour of his town. It’s a quaint little town, especially Aldan. He took me to his favourite thrift store and we walked around.

Tom found some video game console cords and found an electrical outlet from the 1970s. He decided to buy it, because it was dangerous for today’s use, and he would show me how to wire things. Hey, why not? Sounded cool!

My rainbow purse fell apart; second Sak purse to fall apart in a year. I didn’t want to spend money on a new one, since it seems like the stuff made nowadays aren’t built to last, so I decided to look for a new purse while in the thrift store. I found a nice black purse, probably from the mid to late 90’s. It was only $4, in great shape, and I decided to get it. I needed a purse.

After spending an hour in the thrift store, it was raining, so we walked to the train station in Primos. We found shelter and he took out the electrical socket he bought. Tom is OSHA certified to install electrical wiring. He used to work as an installer before he shifted focus.

I had to snap a photo of him showing me how he would wire something like this. Gosh, that’s what I admire about him: Tom isn’t afraid to teach me things and it is interesting. I learned a lot about alternating currents and direct currents and how getting them mixed up can be dangerous. It was neat learning how I would install wiring too. Good to know for the future!

Eventually the rain stopped and before the train came, we decided to get a selfie with the beautiful fall trees in the back. You probably can’t see the trees too well.

It was freezing cold after the rain passed through. We were so happy to get on the train and cuddle a little.

I decided to get my hair touched up and he went skateboarding for a little bit. Once my hair was done, we ordered pizza from Dominos. He ordered a regular pepperoni pizza and I ordered my gluten-free cheese pizza. Customers can’t sit in Dominos yet and Brauhaus Schmidt wouldn’t let us sit in one of their outdoor tables, so we walked to a park to eat. It was 6pm, but felt like midnight. The park was between South and Lombard Streets, so it wasn’t too bright, but we did have some light from South Street. It felt interesting eating pizza in the cold dark, with the moon shining above. We talked and laughed as we ate.

Tom and I then went back to the arcade. We had fun playing Space Invaders, dancing games, fusball, and Pong.

Tom agreed to go ice skating, so we ventured to the Rothman Rink at City Hall. He never ice skated before and I taught him. Since he skateboards and can roller skate, he was a natural at ice skating once he got used to it. He did well. We held hands as we skated around, and I gave him some tips for easier skating.

We fell once and we both laughed as we wiped the snow off of our pants. What fun! He told me I was an excellent teacher.

Saturday was such a great day! I can’t wait to see him on Thursday and Saturday!

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One thought on “Thrifting, Riding Trains, Arcades, and Teaching Tom How to Ice Skate (Oh, My!) 13 November 2021”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I’m happy as can be reading how much fun you and Tom are having together, dear friend! It was nice of him to have you over for a visit and give you a tour of his community. As I told you in my reply to your comment at Shady’s Place, it’s great when you find someone who gets you, is on your wavelength, digs doing the same things – no coaxing or arm twisting required. Trust me, you are very lucky. I haven’t had much success in that department. You and Tom had fun together at the thrift shop and the arcade, ate pizza outdoors in the cold dark (a memory I guarantee you with both keep), and he taught you wiring and you taught him how to ice skate. Fortunately he already knew how to stay balanced from skateboarding and roller skating, so he didn’t need many lessons from you before he was up to speed on the ice. You took some excellent pictures to go along with the memories of these good times. I am verklempt!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!


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