Harley Quinn’s Halloween Celebration on Mischief Day (And Night) | 30 October 2021

Happy Halloween dear readers! I celebrated yesterday since I have work tomorrow. I dressed up as my heroine: Harley Quinn. Added blue eye shadow and blue glitter to complete her. Everyone on the bus and walking around Philadelphia loved Harley Quinn.

Before I arrived at the Franklin Institute, I decided to stop at a Gothic church for some photos. I thought they would be fitting for Harley Quinn.

Last year was my first Halloween being a member at the Franklin Institute and I didn’t realize that they have stations set up for trick-or-treating. Last year I was a bit of a jerk because I didn’t realize I needed tickets to get candy. I was able to get candy from a few stations before I realized I needed a ticket.

This year when I showed my ticket and membership, I asked if I could get some tickets for trick-or-treating. Since I’m 32, I wasn’t quite sure if that would be kosher or not. The clerk smiled at me, “sure! These tickets are included with your admission!” She handed me 6 tickets and I went on my merry way.

The first few houses for trick-or-treating, the greeters recognized me from Fright @ Night. We agreed that the vibes are different, but both fun. I love the adult celebrations and I also love the family-friendly celebrations. Unfortunately, I thought of asking someone to take my photos while trick-or-treating at the last house.

I’m truly a big kid at heart. As one mother said to me, “meh, 2, 12, 22, 32, who cares?! Candy is for everyone and trick-or-treating is fun. Let me share the rest of the homes with you.

The rest of my time at the Franklin Institute, I watched “That’s Gross,” different science experiments and enjoyed the planetarium.

I left at 4:45 and went to Nightmare Before Tinsel. For those of you who have been following closely, you know I met Josh last month when I decided to check out Nightmare Before Tinsel. I loved his Beetlejuice costume and me being me, asked if I could get a photo with him.

He absolutely loved the idea and we had a few photos taken. He even said to me, “we can take photos all night if you’d like.” I had to go to a Shabbat.

I returned two more times and last week I went before Franklin Fright at Night. Despite my Harley Quinn makeup, he could recognize me. Despite the wig, he recognized me. I smiled and asked, “how do you feel about Joker?”

“Which one?”

“Whichever one you like.”

We both agreed that Heath Leger was the best. I asked him if he could dress as Joker for the 30th and he said he would.

He wasn’t and when he saw me, he apologized. He said, “it’s been a crazy week and I just wanted to do simple today.” I smiled and said, “hey, it’s okay. You look great as Van Helsing.” Before Josh apologized, he gave me a big hug when he saw me. He bought me a drink. Josh and I chatted until he had to get back to bartending.

I made my way to the back and I met Rayne, Kevin, Amy, Ben, and Jen. I loved their costumes – Rayne and Kevin as Steve Irwin and the Crocodile. Ben as the Taco Bell worker, which he works at. I asked them for a selfie, and they agreed. We all hung out for 25 minutes and I got talking to Ben. I was telling him about Josh and I said, “I think I might ask him for his number. Would I be misreading signals?” Ben replied, “No! Definitely ask him! He sounds like he’s interested.” Rayne invited me to go to McGillie’s with them, and I told them I might meet up with them later.

I made my way back to the bar and got two glasses of water. I was still finishing my drink that Josh bought me. It takes me a good hour or two to drink and I need to drink other liquids with it. Josh approached me and we took a selfie together. I did something daring. I asked him for his number and he gave it to me. Also, Facebook. He also said later we could get a photo together in the electric chair.

Before I headed to dinner, I met this gal with an awesome costume. We took a photo together. I had a delicious Mexican dinner at Sueno, which Josh suggested, and before I went to the Orchestra, I ran into a couple with cool costumes. They agreed to selfies.

It felt great being back at the Kimmel Center to see the Philadelphia Orchestra. I haven’t seen the Orchestra in person since January 2020. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was my last show on 4 January 2020. Almost 22 months! I saw Phantom of the Opera.

I was sitting next to Tobias, an exchange student from Germany. We chatted before the show began, and he told me he was visiting King of Prussia at some point before he goes back home in December. I told him that’s where I live, I can show him around if he wanted. When we took our selfie, we exchanged What’s App information. I sent him the selfie (and this morning he thanked me).

The show was interesting. It was an airing of the 1925 silent film of Phantom of the Opera and Mr. Conte played the organ to accompany the movie. He used some of Weber’s music from the musical, then some Faust, then came up with the rest on his own. It was a great show and the silent film is really different from the Broadway Musical. I enjoyed the show and Tobias did too.

What a wonderful Halloween celebration! My Happiness Box entry was a jumbo entry – happiness overflowed yesterday!

Happy Halloween!

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One thought on “Harley Quinn’s Halloween Celebration on Mischief Day (And Night) | 30 October 2021”

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    What a great collection of pictures documenting your jam-packed Halloween celebration this year, dear friend! It makes me happy to follow you from one hot spot to the next. I am astonished by your Harley Quinn costume, Jessica. I wouldn’t even have recognized you. I’m sure you received many compliments on it as you hopped around town hitting all the H-ween happenings. I’m glad you had fun trick-or-treating and viewing the spectacular exhibits at the Franklin Institute. I’m glad you made it back over to Nightmare Before Tinsel and found Josh there as planned. Seems things are continuing to move in the right direction with him. I just can’t get over the collection of HQ pictures you have to remember these fun times. It’s going to be a thrill for you to pose in an electric chair! I’m pleased that the eatery Josh suggested, Sueno, served you a delicious Mexican dinner. More fun at the Kimmel Center where you encountered German visitor Tobias, another apparent friend in the making. I hope you and he can hook up in K.O.P. before he returns to his homeland. I studied the silent film Phantom of the Opera at college in a course on the history of cinema.

    I’m very happy to see you getting so much out of life this year compared to last. Happy Halloween to you dear friend JM!


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